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Straight Razors pictures? Look in here

Nice post! :thumbup1:

Gotta start more of these threads...dunno how good that would be for my bank account, though.


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The Post your Pictures series continue... Post #1 updated and yes, there will be a USA and Sheffield thread eventually! You missed the thread while there was a sticky? No problemo! Add your pictures today in the right thread! :thumbup1:

This thread is part of the sticky thread in this forum!
I would really like to see some Filarmonicas and dubl ducks if folks would post some pics. I am really interested in getting ne or the other in the future and would like to see some options.

First straight razor. Came in yesterday. Used it CAREFULLY this morning. Still need to work on technique but this was the closest, most comfortable shave ever. Big thank you to Alex at strazors.com who sold me this restored vintage beauty. I will definitely order more from him.
Very nice but where are the german razors (in the by country categorie ??? The inventor of Straigths big manufacturing Mr. ERN will turn in his grave... ;) ...

greets Sebastian.
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