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Stirling Varen Shave Soap Review

I couldn't resist anymore and I pulled the trigger!
In addition to the Electric Sheep, Barbershop, Weekend in Malibu, Sharp Dressed Man and Haverford, I have a couple more i don't remember the names of. they're all fine soaps,although Haverford is kinda odd scented. They all provide above average shaves. The Weekend in malibu and Sharp Dressed Man both have tones o Lily of the Valley in them, a favorite flower of my late Mother.

My all time favorite is Shannon's Indigo Oud. It's more intense scent that lasts further into the day suits me. Asyou get older and lose some olfactory sense, the stronger (but not harsh) scents begin to have more appeal.

To narrow them down to the best, easiest shaves (even though I'm sure the ingredients are same or similar between scents), I'll always have Indigo Oud and Sharp Dressed Man on my shelf. Many others are great soaps, too, but these 2 work best for me.
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