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St. Charles Shave Shamrock Shaving Soap

Today I had the pleasure of shaving with St. Charles Shave Shamrock Shaving Soap. The lather characteristics are equal to the remain SCS line of shaving soaps resulting in a shave very similar to T&H shaving soap. It is not as lubricating as Trumpers or Baudelaire but still results in a might fine shave.

Where this soap shines is the fragrance! It is absolutely incredible - very clean and green smelling. While using it, I was stumped as to where I've smelled this before. Finally it came to me - at the flower shop. When I smelled it with my eyes closed it was as if I were smelling a freshly bought bouquet of flowers for my wife. While there is a hint of floral, the dominant note is the fresh green smell of a flower shop.

jump right in and give them a try- they are great!

I rotate between the new spice,ginger lime(my favorite), and citrus basil. if i didn't rotate them , I would b tempted to only use the ginger lime( it has a very clean, refreshing scent) all the time.

plus, u can get them in 2 different sizes also.

if u like soaps, u have to give these a try-if u don't like them, I'll buy them from u.

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