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Spent grain?

Any of you use it in your baking? I was watching Peter Renhart’s Ted talk and he mentioned using spent grain. I whipped out the google-fu and looked it up. Sounds interesting if I can find a local home brewer. We have no brewery here.


Fussy Evil Genius
I've done it work my own spent grain, and it's good. Boy, it's been a while, though.

You might want to dry the grain and mill it more finely, though. I don't mind the texture of just the cracked grain, but many don't care for it.

It's also good for making dog treats.
I've used it to make granola as well as bread. Both worked really well. I strongly second the suggestion to dry it first. Also, if you do dog treats will want to make sure they did not add hops to the mash (not common, but it happens and hops are toxic to dogs)