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🍊 🥕 🐅 🏀 🌞 SOTD - “Orange Week” March 27th, 2022 to April 3rd, 2022 🍊 🥕 🐅 🏀 🌞

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RazoRock Lupo 58
Gillette Stainless (3)
RazoRock Plissoft Monster
Cyril R Salter INDIAN SANDALWOOD Shaving Cream
RazoRock CARRIBEAN HOLIDAY Aftershave splash
Mon 4 SOTD
Soap RazoRock XXX
Brush Yaqi 26mm Rainbow
Razor Gillette Slim N4
Blade Gillette Super Nacet 1st
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel MitA + RazoRock XXX Splash
Epic from the soap! Light but nice scent with a thick creamy and slick lather!!
The shave with this excellent razor when paired with the blade was not that good. The culprit blade was not smooth nor cutting crisply...on setting 9 but was better towards settling 7 and 6. After 3passes managed a dfs/ccs result without weepers nor irritation. The matching aftershave was very nice.

Sunday 4/3​

  • RAZOR: Rockwell 6c rosegold
  • BLADE: Personna platinum (1)
  • BRUSH: DS Cosmetics 26mm synthetic
  • CREAM: Proraso Green
  • POST: Cold water rinse followed by Dickinson's enhanced Witchhazel and Clubman Whiskey Woods AS to finish
First shave with the 6c in Rosegold that I bought for myself as a birthday gift and what better day for it then my birthday 🎂
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I bought the same razor for my birthday latest week. Beautiful razor.
Sun 17 SOTD
Soap Stirling Iced Pineapple
Brush Yaqi 24mm Goblin Husky Knot
Razor Henkotsu Kamisori
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel Lemon Chill + Stirling Iced Pineapple Splash
Fantastic soap for sure...intoxicating scent, cooling sensation with a top-notch creamy and slick lather...
Today's shave with this razor after the buffalo leather was a very nice comfortable session. Work day rush 2.5passes for an acceptable ccs/dfs result without any issues...so easy.
The aftershaves were terrific as well!
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