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Soap Commander

Just curious what yalls take on Soap Commander is. I have a tub of their Endurance (vintage old spice) that I rather like. I have a couple of other tubs I bought on clearance from them that were prior seasonal offerings. One of the those I swear has zero fragrance and the other has very little. Considering I got those 2 for next to nothing and the soap still performs its all good. I'm a resident of Arkansas so I lean heavily towards Stirling but I enjoy having an "Old Spicey" soap option and think that's the role of Soap Commander for me. Curious where you all are with SC?
Soap commander is awesome soap. Some of the fragrances are weaker. Some of them are just okay. They all shave great.

The “love” true rose is really nice.
The “zeal” blackberry scent is nice.
The “endurance” old spice is good.
I’m now curious about Endurance. I’m a big fan of Stirling Spice, but it’s not currently available.
I have the Endurance(Classic Spice) and Honor(Barbershop) and I really like them both. The Honor is not as strong a scent in the tub as Endurance but it is a nice barbershop scent nonetheless.


Biblical Innards
SC is one of my favorites
Great lather and face feel
Endurance is a go to for me,
To my nose it is very close to my vintage old spice.
Purpose is another scent that they make , their take on Bay rum 👍👍👍
Love Soap Commander and I have several scents: Endurance (my favorite), Courage, Passion, Honor, and Respect.

Can't go wrong with them! They also have matching AS Balms.
Soap Commander Vision is my desert island soap. Aquatic with a touch of peppermint for cooling.
Liked fortitude quite a bit great fall type of scent. Some of their other scents sound intriguing like gusto, charisma and motivation.
Never used it, but knew about them. May have to get some at some point.

Right now I am working through a couple of soaps that are harder than a rock (MWF and PDP) and will take some time to get through those.

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Nice soap with confusing names. I can never remember which scent corresponds with each virtue.


This. I got their sampler and while there are none I don't like, I can't remember which is which... Except the full tub of ice tea scent. Really like that one.

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