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Old Glycerine Soap


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I have an old puck of Mama Bear's Dragon Blood glycerine soap that I shaved with a couple of days ago. It was so soft that when I went to lather it, the middle sunk in. So I stirred it all together and put it in the freezer. I took it out and know it'slike a cream. Was this a bad idea. Prior to putting it in the freezer. I got a good comfortable shave with it. Thoughts? I'm just curious as to how it's going to perform now.


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Nothing wrong with putting Mama Bear's in the freezer IMO. I've done it a few times for it and other soaps when I was getting ready to grate some down to for a stick. The harder the soap, the easier (and less messy!) to grate!
The soap has probably absorbed some water from the air. You may be able to dry it out just by putting it in an open container in a warm place, like on top of a computer monitor or near a hot water radiator.
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eh, an old puck of glycerin soap is probably going to be ok, frozen or not, but still not as good as a cured tallow or other oil-based soap. so give it a go and let us know!
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