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Silica Gel Tobacco Dryer


Wiped out at 25
Behold my latest attempt to make pipe smoking more complex!!


Living in the tropics with high humidity, leaving out a flake for a half hour does nothing to dry it out. I could leave it under a lamp, but I may as well microwave it then.

My solution is to leave it in a container of a known RH, in this case 20%, and see how long it takes to dry to a good moisture level. My hope is to standardize the time spent in the container to dry the tobacco to a level that suits my smoking habits.

After 30 minutes the McClelland 40 seemed just right. I can smoke it as is, but I end up with a lot of wet dottle, which hurts as any unburnt McClelland dottle or not is a waste.
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Interesting. I hadn't fully contemplated how much effect the ambient humidity in Hawaii will have.


Wiped out at 25
Half an hour for the flake and the centers still wet. Rubbed out and let it dry 10 more minutes. Smoking nicely so far.
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