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Electronic Cigarettes--an introduction to, and my views after 9 months.

Grimm's a bit too into it for my tastes, though I like watching him (and Britney). My favorite reviewer is GeekGirlVaper. Not the most exciting reviewer, but she's a straight shooter, gives lots of technical info, and balanced, thoughtful views.
Figure I'll add something here. I've been using an ecig for about 4 years now. I now use a Provari and a rebuildable atomizer. I am all DIY on my juice too. It was once kind of a hobby but I've finally found the vape I like.

Anyways, I enjoy it, its a great alternative to cigarettes. I love being able to puff away just about anywhere but especially in my office. There's 3 of us using them in a very small office and aside from the occasional joke about fogging the place up, the smoke hating females have never complained about it.
Just started to vape myself and love it. I'm only a few days into it but so far I have went from 1-2 packs a day to 1-2 cigs a day.

I'm using a 1000mah Ego Twist, and vivi mini nova tanks. The Ego twist is just great and mine will last about 9 hours of use per charge. The great part about the Twist is you can twist the end to vary your voltage to hit that sweet spot you like. I also love the vivi nova mini tanks, works awesome and the atomizer is rebuildable (with kanthal heating wire and cotton wick). It is also way cheaper to diy your own liquid, and you can make better and more personalized flavors.

Over all I'm very happy with my setup, and anyone making the transition I would say to forget about wanting it to look like a real cig because the smaller the battery the worse it's liable to preform.:a39:


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Nice post, you're a professional vaper :001_cool:
Here's my 2 cents: I prefer VG it tastes much smoother and easier on the throat than PG in my opinion, and it seems to me that it still has good flavors.
KR808D type e-cigarettes are indeed the best for beginners I find, there's a nice post about them on the e-cigarette forum and why.
I bought a V2 Cigs e-cigarette which is a KR808D (I included a link to a review), but I feel now that I want something more powerful and the ability to fill it with my own juice, so I'm looking for a good mod now, wicked e-liquid looks great and its probably the only e-cigarette actually not made in China (made in the UK), but damn its expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. I saw someone mentioned Blu, and very good friend of mine uses them and I like their flavors but they don't quite last as long as my V2's. At least I'm off tobacco, its a good start.
Best of luck to everyone trying to quit!
i know i am raising a dead thread here...

BUT ... thank you to the OP... lots of good info here... i recently started vaping to quit real cigs...

thank you..
I'll throw my thanks in as well. Had my last Analog 12/27/12 and haven't looked back. Ego C Twist and a Kangar T3 clearomizer. I've converted my entire A/V department at my hotel to Vaping. It's amazing. Vaping in my office has to be the most satisfying/Mad Men type thing I've ever experienced at work. Plus my boss dosent care that I Vape at my desk because I'm so much more productive not taking 10 minute smoke breaks all day. Its a win win :)
I started vaping back around Christmas with a Blu. Since then I added 2 Smoktech Grooves and a couple tanks. I like using the Kanger T-3 and the Kanger Pro Tank. The Groove is variable wattage and variable voltage with a 3800 MAH battery. I charge one every three or four days and keep the other charged and ready to swap out - not bad for a $47 base unit.
Recently was bit by the vape bug. Started with a few disposables, and I'm currently considering ego style cartomizers and batteries.
I tried a cheap e-cig from a gas station about a year and a half ago. I could smoke that thing and still want a cigarette. I put it down and went back to smoking thought it was just a bunch of hype. My daughter had me buy an eGo kit with clearomizers two weeks ago today.

I haven't had a cigarette since. 413 cigarettes avoided at this point!

I wouldn't invest too much money in the smaller "cigalikes", but being a cheap bastard I won't spend the money on the really expensive setups either. The eGo or something similar ($50 starter set) is definitely the way to go IMHO. Preferably with a rebuildable, refillable tank or clearomizer.
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