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Show off your Suita: The other JNAT

Okudo Suita - a giant that Im just getting acquainted with as of today. I have several Shinden and a few Ohira suita. Sorry to keep posting it but Im so excited and no one else in my life understands my new pet rock and my infatuation. Its like AA for Jnat people. View attachment 994134
That is one huge suita, must have cost a fortune!
So earlier this week i got this Suita, and the first picture is the side the seller used.
But i thought View attachment 988651 View attachment 988652 View attachment 988653 maybe lapp the bottom to have more honing room.
Picture 2 is the starting point, after 1,5 hour with my Atoma 400 it is all smooth see picture 3
Now to let it dry and the seal the side with nailpolish.
There are some bottoms worth lapping. That one in your picture looks like one of those kinds.
That is one huge suita, must have cost a fortune!
It was definitely not cheap. LOL....how do I blush on here? The seller took a while to part with the stone and I had an intermediary helping negotiate as he didn't speak much English and my Japanese is horrendous. Is it normal to not want to use it right away to preserve the stamps? I was lucky we knew the hardness, finesse and a few other numbers and the vendor accepted returns. But it was as he said.
Big slab of suita, 2.3kg. Sunashi, no su, almost no lines with the exception of few on the one side. Very hard stone.

IMG_1960 (1).jpg


Nevermore Will Dcaddo Be.
Another beauty, Alex. I may have asked before, but do you hone knives as well or just razors?
double bevel vegetable knife. Tried it, not horrible for first try. Been watching some videos.
Agree, Japanese knives are something.
Here’s my first suita obtained from a friend I met through our shared passion for so many traditional Japanese shaving items. Failed to get a proper wet shot (Galaxy S8 camera seems to jump from 3MB to 12-16MB pic sizes seemingly at random; must fix) so will have to follow up with a HOTD post later today:

37550B50-A0E0-44EB-AE25-6E85E0DE8C86.jpeg A16BB089-24E3-4D0C-9DEF-E2A42E9A03A2.jpeg


Looks like Kuro renge nice looking stone.
Thank you!
Yeah it probably is. It seems to go through all the way of the stone when looking at the sides.
I bought it from a guy who mainly sharpens knives for a living here in Japan. He said it was from okudo and have a silky feel to it, but that was about the only description I got hehe.
So I have been collecting a few Suita for awhile and felt like these stones stand in a different realm than your usual JNATS. I didn't see a Thread for them so thought I would start with a family shot. They all have razor finishing qualities, but some are harder than others and one is really just a knife/polishing stone due to large Su and that is what I bought for.
View attachment 838303

Great stones!

I've been trying to rehabilitate Suita. I find it very strange how, usually, Western minds, think so poorly of these amazing stones. I tend to think the disparaging remarks are generally from little experience, or misunderstanding. There are a lot of people who literally cannot get past the lines, marks, or even su when it comes to honing a razor. Maybe the magic dies when they use the stones or they are getting leftover stones from the cheaper eBay vendors. Whatever the case, Suita can and does finish razors. Sorry. I find it odd that we live in a world where people are trying to convince me that Tsushima stones are proper razor finishers and Suita (as a whole) are not - crazy. I know there are always exceptions but no way is this a general rule. And that's really what is more satisfying - the general rule. Who want's to sit and listen to someone rabbiting on about their personal problems? :) I'm being somewhat facetious - so don't protect if you respond.


Just a few of my suita. Okudo is the first, Okudo the second and Mizukihara the third and fourth picture. My favorite suita currently are usually Shinden but it really depends on the stone.