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Any information on my Jnat to be had?


I brought this Jnat from Japan and was just wondering if anyone can help with its colours marks or anything else? How can I get the best out of it? Or at least try to.

My neguras are two ungraded asano (one very soft), a tomo from a softer Knat than my Lv5, a mejiro and a Nakayama advertised as roughly 10000, it's very hard.

I ended up getting two stones from the same person and I'm happy with both the first one was described as a Lv4 hardness stone and I got many great edges of that one but always wanted a harder stone so I got one. They both smelt of barbers shop when I got them especially the Lv4 one, and there is what looks like razors edge marks from bread knifing on the Lv4 but not so much on the Lv5.

The stone I'd like to learn more about was described as a L5 hardness finishing stone and has some sort of stamp on it but it quite faint bits missing and well I don't speak or read a word of Japanese.. It's a very hard stone and leaves a very fine hazy edge that is more shiny than my other Jnat, it doesn't really let water in much and if you run a mejiro or a Nakayama tomo on it you will be there ages trying to get a slurry, I always get it started on a diamond plate first.

This is what it meant to say though 正本山合砥 Sho-honyama awaseto

in advance for any help.
I can't help, i'm hoping somebody else can comment and help you out my friend but I wanted to say that the stone looks beautiful! Congratz
Thanks fella,

I'm getting great edges of it but would like to learn more if I can, I come from a synthetic background, shapton pros which have served me very well but naturals are just a different thing all together.

I've gone a bit backwards this week, I've been going from my 2000 shapton pro to my naguras and mixing them up my edges have become a bit to toothy...

All in the learning though it's fun.

Have a good day.. 👍
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