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Shoe Shining Disorder. What Have I Done!


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You see, it all started when I watched this video about bulling shoes...


It seemed like a good thing to do and gave your shoes a great finish on the captoe. So I decided I would do some of my shoes. One night, I shined one pair. Another night, another pair.

The wife is starting to :glare: .

Another night, another pair. Mrs. Gold tells me that the smell of the shoe polish is giving her a headache. :rolleyes:

Another night, another pair. I can't stop. More :glare:'s.

My arms are starting to get tired from shining shoes. I need some help. I need a valet. I need a....


That's right a shine butler. So I go out to my nearest shoe repair joint and get a shine butler. I go into the deep recesses of the unfinished section of my basement and BAM!

2 screws into a 2x4 and my shoe shine stand is in business. :punk:


I begin a covert operation :shifty: and start to bring all the shoe shine accoutrements down into the basement. Brushes, clothes, waxes, polishes, leather conditioners, t-shirts...

BUT WAIT!!! Sssssh. Quiet...

Mrs. Gold: Honey, what are you doing down there?

Johnniegold: :scared: Nothing honey. Just killing some spiders.

Mrs. Gold: Oh, well that's good then.

Johnniegold: :w00t:

Now, to get situated...



And now the work begins...

Bulling a pair of Johnston & Murphy shoes from their now discontinued Estate Collection:

The shoe on left has already been bulled while the one on the right has not.










So there you have it. The Shine Butler. Honestly, it is a very relaxing process. Throw on some nice jazz records and it is a nice way to get something important done, like polishing a pair of shoes. :yesnod:

Mrs Gold: Are you still killing spiders down there?

Johnniegold: Be right up, honey. :001_smile

She's so cute. :biggrin:

Btw, Henry, if you send me your shoe collection, I promise I will treat them with the utmost care. My shoe shines usually have a turnaround time of 2-3 years. :whistling:

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That's awesome! I've got a touch of it too. Love shining my shoes, so relaxing. You've given me something to aspire to.


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We should list the shoes we are polishing and the music we are listening to.

Shoe: J&M Captoe from the Estate Collection
Music: Nefertiti - Miles Davis

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I have researched the butler before. I finished off my garage this winter and have been meaning to order one to attach to my work bench. With the positive review will definitely be taking the plunge

question - it swings out of the way when not in use, correct?
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My grandfather had a shoe butler on the wall in his basement. Sadly, I was not old enough to appreciate it when the old home was sold. Lots of things in that basement that I remember that i wish I had now.


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Holy shine Batman! You could use those for shaving instead of a mirror.

I understand this disorder.....this a partial collection....
That makes me feel better about my disorder.

Or you have a really big family. :eek:

That picture never ceases to amaze me.

Btw, some of the those are not worthy of your moniker.
I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what they look like under the dust :001_smile
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Funny, I've never heard the term bulling. I thought that was just how you shined shoes. I guess since I learned in the military, that's why. How else do you shine a shoe?
Wow Mark, I need to show that pic to my wife. And she thinks I have a lot of shoes.

Johnny, if your wife is like mine, she'll call the exterminator if she thinks there's more than a bug or two in our house.

Better work on your backup plan.

mark the shoeshine boy

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I am currently thinning the herd....first the closet and then the basement....this picture is older, and the dust that you see is because of lack of rotation...if I had a good rotation, it would a bout a 90 day one....the 15 pair that I settled on now are all worthy of my name....in fact two guys at work look at me shoes daily and shake their heads....

I have a reputation of shined shoes, shaved face, pressed clothes and topped off with a fedora (beaver or straw)....

I am proud to find others that take the time to spit shine the toes and stand out in a crowd....let me warn you guys though, if you have a shoe with one long piece of smooth leather, bullying them from toe to heel is a real treat, like the hood of a show car....now that is the advanced stages of this sickness....


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Bob, I have to ask...what's up with the Bvlgari stuff on the bottom shelf?
The overflow hits the basement.

I am proud to find others that take the time to spit shine the toes and stand out in a crowd.

Here is the ticket - this model folds flat against the wall when not in use!

This is the way the one I have folds...
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