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Shaving.ie - very bad experience

HI i felt the need to share this experience - i decided to make a purchase from Shaving.ie - wasn't a huge purchase. I selected the priority service, as i wanted the items quickly and to guarantee delivery. Well it seems that the items were supposedly shipped and delivered somewhere in my postcode. The items were not delivered - shaving.ie on first contact sent me the tracking number - which shows the items delivered - no confirmation as to where the items delivered and no signature obtained. Since then shaving.ie have ignored my communication. Telephone number tells you send an email.

Just a warning for me this is a very poor experience and i will be taking my business elsewhere.

Your experience is surprising. I have only heard good things about shaving.ie, and they are a B&B vendor.

Where are you located? Also, have you contacted the shipping company?
I agree with Pebcak, though it is discouraging that the vendor hasn't at least confirmed the correct shipping address was used or even bothered to reply. I would get in touch with the shipping company and let them know that they may have delivered a package to the wrong address. The sooner you contact them the better your odds are of getting your package.
Sorry to hear of your issue. I have made a couple purchases from Shaving.ie recently involving shipping to the US and have found them to be responsive and reliable.
Never had a problem with Shaving.ie. Second the advice of the poster who suggested you contact the shipping company regarding a mis-delivery.
Shaving ie. is apples. I am certain if anything can be done to rectify the situation, they will be on it like corned beef on rye. In the meantime, yeah...contact the shipper. They know who got your purchase.
Shaving.ie is one of my favorite vendors. It sounds to me that the shipping/delivery company screwed up. In the last two years I have had two packages show they were delivered (on tracking info) but never received. Of course, if you are expecting Shaving.ie to make good even if it was not their fault, it sounds like a judgment call on their end. Good luck.
bandwagon. I've got several things from them over the past three years and it is always a great experience--beat on the shipping company. (I have always had things shipped 'regular')
I have never bought anything from Shaving.ie, so can't comment other than to have read many glowing reviews of them over the years.

I'm posting because I had a similar experience with Tulumba, ordering a small number of Arko shave cream tubes. Tulumba, which also has a great reputation, shipped immediately with excellent tracking. My local post office recorded the package as being delivered, but I'm not sure to whom they delivered my package.

I don't hold Tulumba as being responsible in any way as they shipped the package to the correct address. Unfortunately it's something that happens occasionally.
Another vote of confidence for Shaving.ie, since I've bought multiple things from them with no issues at all. It sounds like the shipping company is at fault, and that's really beyond their control. I've had more problems with USPS shipping an item from Chicago to Texas than I've had with overseas shipping.

There are times when Chris does not reply quickly, but I have never had issues with their order. I would too recommend contacting USPS - they sometimes mis-deliver.
I've ordered several times from them without issue, packages always arrived promptly. It's actually much faster for me to order from Ireland (4-5 business days) compared to US vendors (7-14 business days).

Although rare, packages do get lost. Hopefully the vendor and/or shipping company can work with you to resolve the issue.
chris has treated me awesome. never had anything bad to say about him and he went way put of his way on one item that came defective to take care of it for me. what you should do is take the tracking number and contact the shipping company and ask where it was delivered to. they should tell you if your name is on the package.
I don't see it the way most here do. The company I purchased off would be my first and only port of call.
When I owned a coffee roasting business if an order was incorrectly delivered I would be all over the carrier and would never expect the client to follow it up. Just my opinion.
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