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Just got my Muhle R41, Muhle shaving bowl, Omega DE + Shaving Brush stand and some DE blades. Thanks for the prompt service as always!
Got my Windsor EdT, AS, and Soap in yesterday! Tomorrow is already slated as a Duke 2 Face Lather w/ QCS Iced Key Lime w/ CF Limes ASB day (can't wait!), but then it will be all Windsor all Weekend!
Ordered August 2nd. Still haven't received my order...

EDIT: Nevermind. Just checked tracking of it for the first time. It was processed at local postal facility today. Should receive it tomorrow. Really looking forward to sniffing CF Lime for the first time!
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Received tub of CF Lime shave cream today. Wow this thing is huge and the scent is quite strong! I am sick right now so I have to wait a few days before I can give a fair review of what I think of the scent.
Following loads of research I received my Duke 3 in two-band yesterday from shaving.ie
Beautiful looking, bright white top and black bottom, light bulb-shaped and dense.
Soaked it in hot water for an hour then proceeded as normal to face lather with my cade soap, expecting nothing from a new brush. I was genuinely surprised with the merangue peaks, I'd never seen them before with my previous long-serving brush.
It is really pillow soft on the face with a strong spine.
Had a shave with my Futur (set to 4) and feather blade (3rd use). Did my normal 4 pass (WTG, right to left, left to right then ATG). The shave felt smoother and easier than ever. Enough lather to pile on after the last pass while cleaning my kit too.
Thanks Chris for all your friendly advice while choosing the brush and for your speedy service.

I just received this brush and stand to compliment my R41. The fit and finish on these products is outstanding (photo does not do them justice!). I would have never paid the US prices for these items. Thanks Chris!
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