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Shaving Horror Stories

(sorry if this is a repeat thread, I couldn't find one like it)

We all have them, whether it be from your cartridge days, your first DE shave, or the time your cat swallowed a DE blade. I think some of you guys have got to have some great stories, and I for one would love to hear them. So post your favorite shaving horror story.

Mine is from when I was 16 and going to a girl's birthday party. I wanted to look as kissbale as possible, but was also in a rush. I grabbed my mach 3, and quickly sliced into the top of my lip. All three blades basically made hamburger of the top of my lip, and not only was I late because the bleeding took forever to stop, but I still have a scar 8 years later.
When I was 11, my Dad's Gillette DE fell out of the soap caddy and hit my hand. 14 stitches and a narrowly avoided skin graft, and I now have a phobia of razors in the shower.
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