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Shaving Brush Stand Suggestions

Greetings all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I recently purchased a shavemac XXL brush (167) and am now looking for a stand, preferable one that will hold a Progress as well. As this brush if huge (it's a canon!), I imagine that your average run of the mill stand isn't up to the task. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all of the advice over the last few months...Mach 3 in trash and never looking back.

Kindest regards,
I also have have a Shavemac brush (XXL Horn Imitation). I got the brush stand below. It's very nice and sturdy but for some reason mine does not hold the brush at the base like it does for many other owners here.:confused:

It falls out of the stand when I try to hang it by the base. I have to email Bernd about it.

Besides that, its a beautiful stand.


I agree with the above. If you check out my Shavemac XXL horn handle review, I can't say enough good things about that brush stand! REALLY adds a nice touch (astetically and functionality)
robofunk said:
i'm not too sure about the fork size, but emsplace has some really nice brush stands. check 'em out: http://emsplace.com

I own this stand and use it to hold my SR-231. The brush fork has a one inch opening. It holds the top of the handle on the SR. It has to hold my Vulfix and Shavemac down by the knot.

Thanks for the suggestions. I've looked at the shavemac and em's stands and most, if not all, are in polished chrome where I would prefer brushed. After re-evaluating the real estate that is available on my countertop, I don't think I have the room for a stand anyway - looks like I need a bigger countertop.

Thanks again,

rtaylor61 said:
Unless I am missing something, the stand/brush combo won't take up any more room than just the brush.


That's true; however, right now my brush is stood up inside of my bowl, which may or may not also contain a tub of cream. I was originally concerned that, given its density, that the brush wouldn't dry completely between shaves, but this has proven not to be an issue.

Thanks again,

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