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Shavette v "the Real Thing"

Hi Gents.

Decided to take the Plunge, and to date have had 3 shaves with a Shavette type open razor. On the first shave I had 2 nicks, and there has been no blood loss since then. The shaves have been acceptable....not brilliant.

My question.....is the quality of shave achieved with a "proper" straight better than that obtained using a Shavette? I understand that I am still learning....but I don't want to spend too much on accessories and a good razor unless I can achieve a standard close to my Futur or HD.

i did two passes with a feather straight. it was about as good as two passes with a razor w/o touchup. i will prob. do touchup with my safety razors so they don't collect dust as I like them still.

i think it will get better as i get better.

i think it also depends if you use a feather or a real straight. if you use a real straight i would say the answer depends on how well you can hone a straight razor and how well you maintain it.
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