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I searched for one single Shave Stick thread but could not find anything.


Post photos of the Shave Stick and tools you used for your most recent shave.

Post useful tips and hints so others can learn about this wonderful shaving product known as the Shave Stick.

Share your love of Shave Sticks with the world
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Here is my current Shave Stick Collection

Left to Right:

Irisch Moos
Wake up

I went on a 3 month vacation in my mini RV. Since I would be face lathering exclusively I took along 2 shave sticks (and 2 pucks)

I used the shave sticks more than the pucks and next time I will forgo the pucks and take a couple more different shave sticks instead

I am finding myself gravitating towards those little suckers more and more lately. Especially during the work week, I find they are a great time saver in the morning. They are addicting and I get some of my best lathers out of them.

My current lineup consists of La Toja, Tabac, Speick, and Palmolive. One of my favorite soaps is Mikes and am looking forward to trying the stick form. Eventually I will also try some of that coveted ARKO. Thanks for the tips Turtle :thumbup: Seems like I might have to start grating my favorite soaps into sticks.

Today's shave...

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Currently have a tabac and a speick stick. Palmolive and arko on the way. Getting ready for shaving on medium to long term hike trips in the next few years :)
No pictures, but I have ARKO, MWF, MB's Dragon's Blood, Mike's Bay Rum, Cella, KK and La Toja in stick form. Pictures will follow.

Edit: Forgot DR Harris Arlington :biggrin1:
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Fellow shave stickers,

Luc has some required reading on shave sticks. I think some is in the wiki. He's also got a thread on some little known turkish sticks. You simply MUST read the thread on shave stick ads so you can be in touch with our shave stick ancestors.
Fantastic lather today: Face lathered Tabac stick with a Muhle synthetic 19mm knot brush

Shave sticks ROCK.....

Shavesticks are most convenient for me when I travel. Of the ones I own, Kell's Energy is my favorite. The scent reminds me of home, always pleasant.
I dug this up from an earlier thread I did. For you shave stickers, this is, in my opinion, the ultimate shave.

Outstanding shaves the last two days with Irisch Moos and my Georgetown Pottery brush scuttle. The bad thing about scuttles is that you can only get them so hot before the lather breaks down. But by applying the soap first from a stick, and then taking a hot brush out of the scuttle and lathing right on the face...nirvana. Irisch Moos is not only has a great scent, but it's soft, so it's easy to get lots of soap on.

Big brushes get really toasty, not just lukewarm, in the scuttle, and retain the heat. You can't get it this hot if you're mixing lather in a bowl, or the lather dissipates. Since I used a soap stick, I didn't lose any heat while swirling on the puck. It was SO GOOD.


Right after working the soap on my face, still warm while I take this shot. My favorite kind of lather: dense, wet, shiney, yogurty.

I went back into the LaToja stick again today. This was the first time I picked it up since coming back from vacation (LaToja and Arko were the two sticks I lived with every day for 3 months on the road).

Every time I use LaToja I am amazed at just how much lather can be made from a shave stick. 4 passes + clean up and I could have kept shaving if I had any whiskers that were left after 4 passes.

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