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Shave Burn Rash Treatment?

Let's say, purely hypthetically, that someone gave themselves a bad case of razor burn and the next day the skin was still red and angry looking almost like a rash. Should the hypothetical individual take any steps to treat the injury other than not shaving for a day or two until things clear up? "I", I mean if 'that' person put anything on the wound wouldn't it tend to delay the natural healing process of just letting nature take it's course? The hypothetical individual thank's you and so do I.
Personally, I will gently wash the area with a non-exfoliating soap and finish with a witch hazel splash and plenty of moisturizer. The L'Oreal Comfort Max ASB works well for me.
Time will heal all. And do not shave until it heals a bit. There are no magic cures. Neosporin is possible if you are desperate. But for me? Thayers Medicated Superhazel is what I use to heal all razor burn. Works like a charm.
After I shave I use Thayers Rose Petal or Lavender WH followed by an ASB. I then use a skin moisturizer to provide relief. There are a number of good moisturizers out there such as Nivea, Neutrogena, T&H, GFT, and others. Another good one that is not meant only for shaving but does an excellent job is CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion. I also put some moisturizer at bed time which always helps the healing process.
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