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September is SABREtember! - Shavettes & Barber Razors (1st-30th Sept 23)

Today's shave:
Feather SR
Feather Professional (2)
Bodyshop Macaroot & Aloe

Two pass head and face shave. Shave was comfortable but not close . SAS.
Didn't get round to posting during the week. Looks like I've missed some good stuff, and with both Avon Spicy and Superdrug Forest Fresh appearing in the aftershave credits I feel like I'm with my own tribe. Anyhow :

Monday : Unbranded Chinese whole-DE shavette + Astra SP. I like this one, but it always seems wasteful as the edge inside the holder "goes off", so it's not jut a case of switching it round. Maybe if I marked it, dried it and turned it for every shave it would work out, but I'm far too lazy. Didn't even tweak the picture so it now looks like it's in stealth mode camouflaged against a dark flannel. That's how lazy I

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Thursday : Parker PTPW + half Astra SP.

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I'm definitely in the Spicy tribe, and by every bottle I find locally. It's really the only thing i hoard now. Pretty sure I have at least 48oz total.
Monday 25th September

Semogue 2020 Best Badger - Haslinger Meereslagen - Vanta RA112 Barber Razor/SuperShave X #1 - Master Lilac Vegetol

A very nice shave indeed. My personal opinion is that I prefer this razor to any of the 4 Parkers I have....and it is just behind the Focus R28.

Away from home tonight, visiting a customer in the morning in Sunny Brisbane. I didn't take my slightly better gear as I didn't want to damage or lose it in transit, hence the terrible brush and cruddy DE razor.

I started with the Parker and then promptly chickened out as I didn't want to slip and nick myself and look like I can't even shave in front of the customer. I slipped a new Derby into my first DE razor (a Jack The Barber) and gave it a go WTG.

It was horrible. No matter how many passes I did it sounded like someone rubbing a Brillo pad on a hedgehog. Every hair pulled and it never seemed to remove anything, regardless of how many passes I did. I could feel my face starting to glow.

Right says I, and went back to the Shavette. It bounced a little and didn't feel cushioned (I think I had the lather a little thin) but it was a much more acceptable shave. I went a little over the top with the Suavecito Black Amber but it's so subtle you can do that. It's got a nice menthol kick to it, just what I needed after the DE fiasco.

DE shave: 2/10. This thing is getting binned when I get home. I can't believe I shaved with this junk for years.

Parker Shavette shave: 8/10. I think I'm converted.
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Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
Razor= Tondeo Comfort-Cut
Blade= Tondeo #1
Brush= Yaqi Dark Emerald
Cream= Body Shop Macca root and aloe
Aftershave= Superdrug Sierran Breeze


Just received this razor today it arrived with 10 free blades so I was able to use it this evening. The razor is completely made from plastic apart from the metal insert that the blades push into, which makes it very light but it feels well made in the hand. The blades are sharp enough to mow through the whiskers but smooth at the same time. My shave was 3 passes WTG-ATG-XTG with a few minor touch ups around the chin and neck. A nice CCS with no sting from the alum but some with the aftershave. Now just have to see how many shaves I get per blade.
I will just link to my SOTD in the other thread, as I am an idjut and posted there instead of here.

Also, I did not need to hear that the Vanta is really good. I do not need a Vanta. No, Sir. No Vanta for me. :letterk1:
Prep : warm water
Brush : Omega Roma Collosseo
Soap : Cella Organic
Razor : Feather Artist Club SS / Fatip Grande SB
Blade : Feather pro-Guard / Voskhod
After shave : Brut Musk

Fine shave. The Fatip is used for touch ups under my nose and between under lip and chin.
I will just link to my SOTD in the other thread, as I am an idjut and posted there instead of here.

Also, I did not need to hear that the Vanta is really good. I do not need a Vanta. No, Sir. No Vanta for me. :letterk1:
The UK version of the South American River at 25% of the Focus :biggrin1:
Tonight's shave was with the Kai Kasho woody loaded with a Kai Mild PINK blade.
Lather was Shannon's Soaps in the Lavender Lemongrass scent.
Two passes plus touch-up. DFS. My DE was the Chiseled Face Legacy on a Stirling Austin handle.

The Kai Woody is one of the best razors of any sort that I have ever used.


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Proraso white label (shaving cream);
Vie-Long 24mm horse with olive wood handle (shave brush);
Focus shavette with metal insert and Derby saloon-style half-blade (razor);
Myrsol Metilsol (astringent/after-shave).


Decided to give the Focus shavette with the metal insert another shot with different players this time, to see if I could improve on things. I have read that Solingen-made DE blades are a bit smoother ("less sharp") than other blades made elsewhere. And by extension, Turkish made blades like the "original" Turkish Lord (made in Turkey, not in Egypt) are more similar to the Solingen-made blades. One problem with dedicated half-blades is that there are not too many to choose from as compared to DE blades. But I did happen to have access some Turkish-made Derby saloon-style blades and I decided to give them a try.

The result was much smoother in feel while shaving and more forgiving. Note in the photo that there seems to be a bit more blade exposure than in using the Egyptian-made Lord saloon-style blade last time with the metal insert. I think more blade exposure like this is normally considered to be more aggressive, but in following my theory that the benefit of the plastic insert may be that it allows for more flex, this also may be the case here, as the line of the blade's edge would more flexible as held further away from the rigid metal insert.

Again, an improved, more comfortable, and smoother shave this time! I will try the same blade in the Focus R21 with the plastic insert to see how things compare there.

The Proraso white label cream worked well for me as always. Haven't used this Vie-Long horse brush in a while. While it's a bit on the large side for palm-lathering, the fact the horse hair doesn't bloom like badger means that there is less spread; thus it still fits in the palm. The Myrsol Metilsol definitely has a high-octane kick. Great for someone who really wants to wake up in the morning in applying an after-shave.
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