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SE Blade Advice Request

tryablabe.com has a 10-pack AC sampler for $15...and they include the Schick Proline, so maybe I'll get that!
Done...$18.94 shipped!

I was going to tell you the standard B&B response of "Try them all", but I see you've already got that covered ;)
I've never had any real luck with "guarded" blades. With me, they seem to do the exact opposite of what they were designed for.

My favorite mild SE blade is the Kai Titan Mild. I use that exclusively in my King Cobra.
Otherwise I really like the regular Kai titans for my other SE razors.
Putting a sharpie-sharp like a feather in my Razorock Hawk is also a nice choice, but I still prefer the Kai.

Just for fun . . .
SWMBO says that using a Hawk with a Feather ought to be a perfect match. She also notes that there should be a blade called a Fang that I should be able to use with my Cobra.
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