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    Though it is still summer-like in my neck of the woods, a few leaves have started to fall from the trees. This, and an email from Barrister and Mann have started turning my thoughts to fall, and fall shaving soaps.

    I'm really intrigued by the description of B & M's Nocturne. I would love to smell like a cider mill - I really would! I would love to hear from any users of this soap. I assume that the performance is great. I'm really curious about the scent. I purchased a tub of Soap Commander Unity last year (Apple, Fig, Cranberry) hoping for a nice fall scent. Unfortunately, to my nose, it smells more like dollar store pot pourri. Apples, fallen leaves, woodsmoke - Yes / bad pot pourri - NO!

    Any thoughts on Nocturne? Suggestions for other soaps and aftershaves that I should consider?

  1. I wanted to try this one too, but fear the cinnamon will cause a reaction. Cinnamon seems to wreck my entire face.
  2. Best soap for fall so far is Eufros Tierra Humeda - captures it perfectly. Honorable mention to Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco, warm cocoa.
  3. Nocturne is fantastic. It was my soap today. Cider mill pretty much nails it, plus I get a little smoke. Check it out!

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    I've only used it once, but got a lot of smoke and very little apple cider scent. I'll give it another try, but this one might have to go. Performance, was excellent, as are all of Will's soaps with this base.
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    Waiting for fall, and my B&M Hallows!

    Come to think, I have a sample of Stirling's Hot Apple Cider...

  6. I have a sample. Great performance and the smell, to me, is apples with a touch of cinnamon. By your post i think you would like it. Try a sample. It doesnt seem to be the rage so i imagine there is no rush.
  7. SGH


    Here are some Autumn/Fall scents that I picked up last week. I really like everyone of them.
    33B82155-CE5D-4AB2-AD6E-2BD8B08153E0.jpeg 1B46722A-D331-429E-9345-F9FDD4B78537.jpeg F29CBF8C-592B-45F3-A4A2-D960313FD11A.jpeg
  8. Smells like apple juice. Straight up apple juice. The smoke and cinnamon and such really take a back seat to the main note. On the other hand, I had tried a puck of Nocturne a few years back and its scent had mellowed into something that I enjoyed but really had a hard time putting my finger on. I suspect the apple will fade if you leave the container open for a few weeks.

    Regarding the cinnamon, I had some irritation with my old puck but have had no issue with my recent sample. Maybe my skin has adapted or maybe the formulation is less allergenic this year, but either way, it's a great performer for me now.

    Truthfully, I'm not enamored with food scented soaps, even though I seem to be encountering a lot of them lately. Hallows smelled predominantly of cocoa powder, and I tried a WSP soap that was like a decadent dessert. Lol.
  9. I have been using PAA's Atomic Pumpkin the last few days. I think the AS smells a little better than the soap, but they are both very nice. Smells like a bay rum pumpkin pie infusion. My wife likes it and she doesn't typically care for bay rum scents.

    I am interested in trying their Cider House 5 scent. If anybody has this and can post that would be great!
  10. I knew from the moment I smelled this soap at Pasteur's Pharmacy that I would like it so I picked some up along with the matching AS. I am now camping in Acadia National Park in Maine and the scent is perfect for the Fall days I am experiencing here. I don't sense the cinnamon or much smoke but am enjoying the mulled cider scent. Very nice indeed. I sniffed the Leviathan soap as well but passed on that--I may have to revisit that soap. Both Leviathan and Nocturne are limited productions ending December 31st according to the B&M website so if you want some order soon.
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    it's so easy to fall under Will's fragrance spells. I'd swear, two hundred years ago he would have been named the Provence alchemist/magi and the towns nearby would be very proud to call him one of theirs indeed!
  12. Thanks for your help with this. I think that I am going to give both the soap and aftershave a try. If I put my decision off for too long it will become winter in my neck of the woods.
  13. One more query, please. I have never tried any soap made by Declaration Grooming. How would Nocturne compare to DG's Darkfall? If I could only purchase one scent for the Fall (which, sadly, is the case), which of these would be your choice, and why?

    I am, I think, intrigued by the ideas of the warmth of mulled cider, leaves and a bit of smoke. I just don't want to end up smelling too sweet (like apple juice) or too smokey (light ashes). I will also purchase a matching aftershave. is one aftershave formula much stronger than the other, or are they similar?
  14. I have never smelled Nocturne. I do have Darkfall and there is nothing sweet or culinary a out it. It is a dark, smoky scent. It truly smells like burning brush on a crisp Fall day. It reminds me of when we would burn the undergrowth around our pecan trees.
  15. I went ahead and purchased the Darkfall soap and aftershave this morning. I've never tried DG, and decided that this would be a good way to test out the company and its products. I wasn't sure how quickly it might sell out, so I went ahead and placed my order.

    If I don't like it, I feel relatively comfortable passing it along. Knowing that I will be able to pick-up Nocturne later in the fall if the Darkfall does not work out also influenced my decision to buy the Darkfall.
  16. All I can say is that after more than two hours putting my nose into soaps at Pasteur's Pharmacy in NYC, Nocturne was one of two soaps whose scent immediately turned my head. It was so attractive and inviting. I am currently camped along the Maine seashore and have used the soap for the last three shaves along with the matching AS. After shaving today, I took a hike along a beautiful forested trail near the sea. As I was stepping over roots and granite rock under the shade of tall trees, I kept getting wafts of smokey cider. This is the perfect scent for the setting I find myself in and perfect as a Fall seasonal. The smokey nature of the scent is subtle though more evident than I first thought.
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  17. You are killing me with this description. Nocturne seems like exactly what I am looking for. I'm sure that I will place an order soon.

    I'm still waiting for DG's Darkfall to arrive. I'm curious how I will like it.

    Has anyone here tried Soap Commander Unity? I purchased it as a Fall Scent last year. It is a bit more fruity than I would like. My fear was that Nocturne would have a similar scent. However, from what Southsider has stated, Nocturne seems to be quite different from Unity.

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