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Scent Shootout! Ralph Lauren Romance Silver Vs. Stetson Fresh

I came in from working on my truck this morning to find a valentines day gift on my laptop. A box of chocolates, a card, and more importantly, a bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance Silver EdT. Every time I get a new scent, it's like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving all rolled into one for me. Of course I couldn't wait to try the new fragrance!

One look at the bottle out of the box and I thought "Great, another "fresh" scent." I'm not opposed to "fresh" scents, but they aren't my go-to juice. Of course, one should never judge a book by its cover, nor should they judge a scent by its bottle. I gave myself a quick spritz on the left wrist, gave it a minute to settle down, and placed my nose to it. At first, I detected a woody, almost pine or cypress scent, playing with something citrus-y, and lightly smokey. Nice and light, and I was very surprised, expecting a bright citrus note. The citrus is there, but in a backseat kind of way. I could see wearing this one all year.

So.....It had been a while since I wore a "fresh" scent, so to remind myself, I gave my right wrist a shot of Stetson Fresh (my "fresh" scent). I gave it the same treatment, a quick spritz, and a minute to settle down. Citrus. Citrus, lemons, and more citrus. A backseat note of something soapy, and a hint of something woody, but it's so overpowered by the lemons screaming out for attention that it's hard to tell what it is. Stetson Fresh would be a good scent for summer (when I would normally wear a "fresh" scent anyway).

I jumped in the shower, and scrubbed down. Afterward, I could still detect a hint of the RL scent, but no sign of the Stetson Fresh. I gave myself a few spritzes of Romance Silver, and got ready to go to work. In short, the Romance Silver will have a place in my rotation, and most certainly be used more than the Stetson Fresh.

What a great Valentines Day!!!!
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