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I am not looking at the high end cologne's like Tom ford although I wish I was from everyone's description of it, I know I could find samples or testors of them at the high end Sephora and such. What I want to smell before purchase is the under $50 priced cologne's, such as drakkar, nautique, david off, and the likes but I am finding no one that has testers or samples. I know they aren't super expensive but 15-20 per bottle to go through to find ones you like seems ridiculous.


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Are you asking where to find samples or why they don't do it?

Most department stores or drug stores that sell them, should have a "tester" on hand or behind the fragrance counter.
maybe I just need to look other places for a tester. TJ maxx has all the low cost ones I want to try but I don't ever see testers in the cases.
You're looking for decants.

Try DecantX.com or MyFragranceSamples.com

I order from them all the time. No need to spend $50 on a scent you haven't tried before.
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