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Looking for recommendations for my next Stirling Purchase

Hello there!

I have been using Stirling Soaps for about a month and quite like their performance. So far, I have tried about 7 of their scents and disliked three of them. It is a good thing those were only samples. In my next go round, I'd like to try some others, but need advice on what to try to avoid based on my current findings.

Boat Drinks v2- nothing bad to say. A great deal at $10.
Coconut Lime- hand soap only sample they included in my box.

Barbershop- perhaps slightly irritating. Warming and inoffensive.
Texas on Fire- it is non irritating, a specific scent, but it does not cling. I think I would enjoy this more without the tar.

Coniferous- The scent is too lasting and become cloying. It may also be irritating.

Not for me:
Ramblin Man- Turns out I don't like classic cologne, but then again, I have never worn it. Strong aversion to this scent profile. The citrus on the front is fine. It lasts forever too.
Haverford- Like the up front vanilla, but the cologne (clove?) back end is too much for me.

Other scents I enjoy- fruit, IPA, stout, amber beer, tobacco, bourbon, scotch, tea, fresh bread, fresh cut grass, Italian sausage (might be the fennel), baking spices (maybe not clove). The scent of an empty glass after it is drained of vintage Wild Turkey is just heaven. Did I enjoy the smell of Drakkar Noir back in the day? I don't think musk and its pals are my thing.

Maybe the unscented soaps are really the answer?
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If you like fresh cut grass, you should try Southern Witchcrafts Tres Matres. Stirling's Varen is grassy/fern-y. Do you like woodsy/earthy? Arkadia is one of my faves.
Do you like menthol?

There's one called Frozen Tundra that you might like.

Citrus, there's Glacial Orange Chill or Margaritas in the Arctic.

Maybe Gin & Tonic.

Unscented, there's a few like Unscented with Beeswax, for instance.
I also like Stirling Gentleman, but it has musk in it. Vanilla, tobacco, amber, and musk. It's strong and long lasting.

My wife loves Sharp Dressed Man, but it's a cologne dupe of Green Irish Tweed.

Some other favorites are Vanilla Sandalwood, Bay Laurel, and Hot Apple Cider. The last two are seasonal I think.
On the Razor Company site in the Sale/Pre-owned vintage section. I've been staring at that Stirling DE Safety Razor with both plates and the case for around $130. I'm tired of staring at it, someone please buy it so I don't have to!
On the Razor Company site in the Sale/Pre-owned vintage section. I've been staring at that Stirling DE Safety Razor with both plates and the case for around $130. I'm tired of staring at it, someone please buy it so I don't have to!
I think I saw that in there one time, when a bunch of vintage was sitting on a windowsill.
They have a couple unscented soaps. They have Naked and Smooth and Unscented with Beeswax. I have Unscented with Beeswax. It has worked really well for me. It is my second favorite unscented, after Noble Otter’s Bare.

If I am going to use a post-shave or aftershave that will clash with the soaps that I have, I just use an unscented soap.
I don't care for cologne scents either (Sharp Dressed Man, Baker Street, Executive Man, etc), which smell too generically cologne-y, or my interpretation of "classic" cologne.

My favorite Stirling scents in no particular order:

Piacenza, which ironically is Stirling's interpretation of Acqua di Parma. It's fruity, though subtle...very nice, not old man cologne.

Pharaoh's Dreamsicle, which smells pretty much exactly like an orange Creamsicle, with orange and vanilla. Love it, primarily summer use with Pinaud Vanilla aftershave.

Barbershop, but you've tried that...clean, soap and powder scent. This is one I grab when I don't know which to choose...works any time, with any aftershave.

Sandpiper, which to me smells very much like Pre de Provence No 63, or at least seems to share some common notes. This one also a bit cologne-y though not in a mundane, way...it's different enough to be interesting.

Glastonbury, with a powerful dose of earthy patchouli. There's supposed to be other stuff in there, but it is first and foremost patchouli with all else being drowned out. I really like this one but only use it occasionally as I could see it becoming cloying. Mainly a fall/winter scent for me.

The last thing I would say is: If you haven't already, check the scent descriptions at the Stirling site. Might be useful:

One more nod for Margaritas! One of my favorite soaps ever, about to kill a tub actually. I've sampled a few more Stirling scents since that was my first full size soap purchase from them. I have to recommend Sandpiper and Island Man with that being said... I'd never usually go for or recommend dupes but they are so well done and not to mention: crowd-pleasing.
Satsuma... absolutely delicious scent.
Pumpkin Spice
Almond Creme
Margarita in the Arctic is also popular

Try their mutton base, too, but be prepared for an underlying animal/tallow scent in all the mutton offering.
Against my better judgement, I purchases (mostly unused) tubs of Executive Man and Sharp Dressed Man locally without trying samples or even smelling them. There were at the regular US retail price which I couldn't pass up (normally it is +50% over here). The good news is that the scents were rather inoffensive and ok for me! They do seem rather similar, with the Executive Man being a bit more pinappley and the Sharp Dressed Man being more Irish Spring.

So, I am happy to report that the $32 (including shipping) was not flushed down the toilet.
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