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Saint Charles Shave

folks, i've never tried Sue's soaps, and would like to know how they perform.

can the lather be compared to another? is it a glycerin based soap in the same vein as QED and Mama Bear? what are your favorite scents? thoughts on the slickness VS cushion?

Thanks for your help!
Not sure on the formulation. SCS soap is not translucent like QED & Mama Bear it's opaque. I've used the Bay Rum with a Twist stick and a puck of lavender. The shave sticks go pretty quickly. The puck of lavender has lasted me a long time. It's not triple milled but it doesn't get used up as quickly as QED. Also, SCS prices are very reasonable.

I find getting a good lather with SCS creams a bit challenging - have to get the water to cream ratio just right and do a lot of whipping. I find it very easy to get good lather form SCS soaps and they provide an excellent shave. The scents are not as stong as QED but Sue's scents are great. I don't think a wetshaver's journey is complete until he has tried SCS soaps.
I've got 2 SCS soaps- Bay Rum and Illusion. They are about the easiest to lather. You get slickness and a bit of cushion with her soaps. What more could you ask out of a soap? Prices are reasonable. Scents aren't overpowering. And Sue is pleasant to deal with. I wouldn't waste too much time thinking about whether or not you are going to order from her (you are...you know you are...you are...), because you are going to need to use that time to figure what scents you are going to buy.
I'm destined to get some SCS Aspect shave soap in my next purchase from Sue...I love this woodsy scent in her ASM...I can only imagine how the soap smells!

I'll probably get the Edt while I'm at it...an all woods shave LOL!
Sounds like the SCS soaps have some fans...

any more info on:

  • what other soaps the lather can be compared to
  • whether the soap is a melt and pour or cold processed, and what primary ingrediants are used
  • some of your favorite scents, if you've tried multiple
  • thoughts on slickness VS cushion
I have Parma Violet and Barbershop soaps.

The Parma Violet is great. I haven't smelled any other violet soaps, but it's a great flowery but not-perfumey kind of scent.

The Barbershop is great too. It's even harder to describe. It's not "Clubman" or anything even powdery. It's more of a metro/soapy scent. But it's really nice and I like it lot.

Both lather up really well. Nice and slick. My only *tiny* critique would be that the lather tends to be on the airy side of things...but not so much that I wouldn't try some other scents after these are gone. So I guess that would knock off maybe a point on "cushion" but the slickness is fine..

I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone here to try a few scents.
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just like MWF and Tabac, SCS soaps will lather like nobody's business when using a boar brush or a stiff badger.

They provide excellent slickness and cushion.

As for favorite scents, where do I start?
1. Oakmoss Lavendula( I have the cream also)!
2. Bay Rum w/ Twist
3. New Spice
4. Savory Rose
5. Cool Lime
6. Orange Sorbet(think dreamsicle)!
7. Ginger Lime
8. Citrus Basil

As you can see, I have been purchasing her soaps for a long time-some of these scents are no longer on her website. however, she continues to come up with new ideas and I would not hesitate to try what sounds interesting.


No love for Aspect????

Its like a whole field of trees...or a dense wooded area. Most foresty scent in a bottle IMHO.
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