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Safety razor set for travel?


Been lurking here a bit to get set up for my new straight razor. I think today was what I would consider to be my first "successful" shave. I now need to focus on improving technique rather than discovering it. They key was a proper shaving soap. I went with Tabac. Now that I have a base to work with, once I get my technique where I want it, I will start experimenting with other soaps (and other equipment).

However, today, I am here in the safety razor forum, because I don't really see myself traveling with the straight razor. I expect that I shall leave it at home.

As far as traveling goes, I look at shaving then more like I did in the military. It doesn't need to be an experience; it just needs to get done.

So I am looking at having a DE razor for travel.

The only thing I have decided on is a case.

I am looking for:

  1. Travel razor recommendations. Based on my case choice and compactness, it seems I should be going with a 3-piece vs. a 2-piece razor.
  2. Recommended blades to go with it.
  3. Recommended shaving/soap cream and brush vs. applying it by hand. Whatever is best for travel. I am also open to just going with shave oil, if anyone recommends something like that. More willing to jump to experimentation here. Since I am not looking for the perfect shave, "room for error" is an acceptable standard.
I will be experimenting with it before the next time I travel (for real, i.e. I will be shaving), which should be in late September.

Please let me know your ideas, and thanx in advance for any suggestions.
Any Tech is great for travel, in my experience. Pair that with a sharp/smooth blade like a Gillette Silver Blue or a Kai and you are set nicely.

The Bay do small metal boxes, with a sliding top. They fit a 5/10 pack of blades almost exactly.

A shave stick is a good choice. Lea, or TOBS actually do one. And there is Arko! of course.

I saw a nice Omega travel brush. The 50014. It's black, in it's own container. The container also can be used as a larger handle. Excellent price.

A compact stainless steel mirror can be useful in a travel shave kit. IMG_20220407_174839335.jpg

Here is my travel/camp setup. Pretty basic, but it works ok.
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I don't have any recommendations for you because I'm going through a similar decision. We're heading to Bali for a month for some dental work.. and hopefully, some vacation time.

I'm debating if I want to take my Claymore Evolution with me. Theft can be a problem there but I wouldn't think they'd target razors but you never know. We are taking one of our inexpensive DSLRs and a couple cheap but good lenses. Our good gear will stay home this trip.

I've even thought about just taking my Gillette Fusion Power with me instead.....

So, I'm not much help here. If I was going to buy a inexpensive travel razor, based on what I've read here, I'd probably take a Fatip open comb slant. People here just love them. I don't know the best place to purchase them but someone here will chime in I'm sure. You can search "Fatip" and read away.
I recently bought a Timeless Aluminum (3-piece plus a stand) to take as a travel razor. It was $50 in their scratch-and-dent section. We flew domestically but didn’t have any problems at all. I took the razor apart and put the pieces in my quart bag along with whatever few liquids I was taking. No one gave it a glance. Of course, I did put blades in my checked luggage. I checked my soap as well. I do have a Global Entry number that may have given me an easier time at the TSA lines.

I did take a wee scot brush in a plastic pill vial. I used face moisturizer as an aftershave balm.
How about a Feather Popular? Comes with a travel case and blade. It has a lot of plastic parts and it's a very mild shaver, but is much sturdier than it looks. Have a look on Amazon, if only for the many reviews, they are extremely favourable in the main.

A shaving stick like La Toja, with a cheap Yaqi synthetic and you're good to go.
If you want to go lightweight and inexpensive the Lord L6 razor and a bottle of Shave Secret oil will do fine. On the last trip we took a couple months ago I took my Razorock aluminum Lupo, a small bottle of Shave Secret, and some Astra SP blades. Worked great. I'd suggest Arko shave stick or a tube of Gillette "Pure" cream if you don't want to use oil.
My simple guideline is to pack something that I like to use, but could afford to lose.

The best brush would be a small synthetic. I use the Razorock Bruce or Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo.

For soap, I use Speick cream in the small tube or a stick of Speick soap. I also have some Haslinger soap in a small shave stick. Speick aftershave in a small plastic bottle. Depending on your trip duration, you can pack some of your favorite shaving cream in a small sample container.

For razor, an old Gillette Tech or Lord L5. The Gillette Super Blue is available new; it's very lightweight and inexpensive. An alternative is to use a decent disposable which for me would be the BIC Metal. You can carry that on.

For blades, usually Nacet or Perma-Sharp Super.
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Henson AL13 medium would make a great travel razor. They come in all sorts of colors, are light weight and shave great. Astra SP and SS blades work very well in them.

I usually take Stirling sample soap pucks and aftershaves with me when I travel. I put the soap in the small tins they sell and they last for quite a while if only used for traveling. The small sample aftershaves last a good while as well. Tons of scent options with Stirling....pick what appeals to you.

I also use a Stirling collapsible travel bowl for lathering and usually a synthetic brush (Simpson T2 or Stirling 24mm).
Tons of 4 piece travel razors out there, very compact, mostly German made. I have a whole drawer full of them. Also a good choice is the Gillette Tuckaway. Nice cases, nice razors. Very compact and attractive, also not expensive compared to other vintage razors. Here is one I found a while back that had my initials engraved on the case by Gillette back in 1923, almost a century ago. My eyes popped when I saw it and I overbid by a lot, but thankfully no one else wanted it so I got it cheap.

Here is a Hoffritz slant in the travel form, a beautiful piece of work.

If any of you guys wind up with one of these be sure to cover the metal with paper where it contacts the leather straps. Constant contact between razor and the material will cause corrosion.
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Current travel setup for Boston children's trips. Added a captains choice after shave vial now.

I had a similar thread going a little while back. One of the responders put a stick of Arko in a orange medicine pill bottle which I thought was genius.


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I am out of town or I would post a photo of the Gillette Heritage Razor. You can check it out on Amazon. It comes in it's own travel case. Only costs $35 so if it should become stolen you aren't out a lot of money. I would recommend using a tuck of blades like Feather which come in a plastic tuck and have a slot in the back to safely dispose of used blades.
My travel razor is a Lord L6: good shaver that is light in weight.

And it won’t break my heart if I forget it in a hotel room.
+1 My travel razor, too. It's light, has a Merker head, and is dirt cheap on Amazon.
I’ve been quite fortunate to travel to many different countries and locations for both business and pleasure. On rare occasion, my checked luggage was mis-routed, but always found its way back to me within a day or so. I’ve never had anything stolen either from my luggage, or out of any room (hotel, B&B, etc.). I enjoy my daily shaving regimen and will not compromise that aspect of my day simply because I’m not at home (and surrounded by far too many choices).

So my recommendation is to travel with the shaving gear that gives you the quality shave you are looking for and not to settle for anything less.
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I shaved the pig
I‘m a SR shaver but opted for a DE set up on recent travel. I take what I like shaving with, a Super Speed and a Tech, both easily replaceable. As I don’t use DE’s often, it was fun to take two, plus two brushes (boar and synth) and two soaps in smaller tins. All this stuff takes up little space in my checked luggage and I enjoyed having a little variety.
SRs are small anyway so I wouldn't see a point in gettin an even smaller one for travelling. For saving space I'd consider leaving the brush at home and lather up with hands. SC/SP and AS can be portioned into a smaller tube or container. Some people say that AS is unnecessary so you might leave that at home as well and just use nothing or a regular moisturizer. And then there are people like my father who'll use shampoo instead of SC/SP - so that might also stay at home. I know this is getting philosophical because there will be very different takes on those matters also depending on one's skin. But if you're trying to reduce weight and volume then you maybe just need an SR and that's it. Or even just some Mach3 handle if you're travelling by plane with only hand luggage. Then you'll have to buy the blades anyway at destination and Mach3 heads you'll get anywhere.
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Hi everyone,

Just want to thank everyone on the input so far. Gonna keep researching this. Don't really have to make a decision for a month or so.

Again, thanx.
Hi everyone,

Just want to thank everyone on the input so far. Gonna keep researching this. Don't really have to make a decision for a month or so.

Again, thanx.
We don't leave for two months... so I'm sure I'll be debating the options until right before we leave.

I enjoy shaving so much more with my Claymore than I do with my Gillette Fusion Power..... a month with cartridge shaving leaves me a bit cold.
I agree with the Tech recommendation. The handle is only slightly longer than a so-called travel razor. It can be secured in small zip lock baggies. If I air travel without checking my bag a Trac II is my go to option. An added advantage is that I can get a fairly good shave with just a good face washing and hand/face lathering a good bath soap, no shaving soap or brush required.
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