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Hey guys, let me preface this by saying I am NOT a runner but I do like to wear/workout in running shoes. I find that Asics Gel Nimbus fit my feet extremely well. They are comfy right out of the box. I am now on my third pair but I'd really like to have more options in shoes. I just have no idea where to start. I have gone to a New Balance store and got fitted but I was less than enthused about the comfort of the shoes. What else can I try? Or maybe some tips regarding how I can find the type of shoe that works well for my feet? Thanks!
I go to a local running store where they watch me walk barefoot and then jog on the treadmill. They ask what I do as far as running goes, and then come out with various pairs for me to try. I am currently on my second pair of Brooks, which I like well enough and they are very durable. The last time I was there they decided I should try for more front cushion because of my size and some pain I was experiencing. I tried on a pair of Sauconys that felt awesome, but I cannot remember the model. Ultimately we decided that my Brooks still had plenty of life and to take the inserts I had out and go back to the factory ones to see if that alleviated the issues I was having, which it did.
Nike zoom vomero's are my faves. Though the current model, vomero 6, seems narrow, short, and not quite as cushy as the older models.
I still have a pair of vomero 3's that must be 4 years old, and they are still the most cushiony pair of shoes I have.

I have some of the asics gel nimbus too, not quite the cushion I look for, and they don't last as long as the nike's in my opinion.

Just like shaving, your mileage will certainly vary with running shoes.
If your not a runner and love comfortable athletic shoes try a pair of Reebox Zigtechs. One of the most comfortable shoes Ive ever worn. I also like Sauconys and Brooks running shoes.
Like prior posts, my recommendation is to go to a running store and try on a lot of different shoes and brands. I use Mizuno - the lasts are great for my feet. YMMV, wildly. When I find something that I like, I typically buy several pairs. I have also had good luck buying closeouts online at a discount.
I'd also suggest going to a running store. If your foot favors Asics, there are plenty within that line that you can sample.

Everyone's different, as for my feet, they happen to feel best in Mizuno.
Thanks for the advice guys. I've been to running stores and that's how I found the Gel Nimbus. The problem is I'm so heavy (270+) that I wear them out pretty fast. I really just can't afford to spend $120+ on shoes every few months. I'm really looking for something a little more cost effective. I'll check out the Mizunos and I have my eye on the Saucony Grid Cohesion 5.
A larger version of "Obiwan" used to wear Brooks. They held up well. Look for shoes designed for larger framed people. They are meant to hold up better. As far as doing your homework, two great online shopping sources are Runningwarehouse.com and roadrunnersports.com . I usually like Running warehouse as they have free shipping and free returns. It makes trying things out very easy.
To reiterate my earlier post and Obiwan's, I wear my Brooks exclusively for running and at the gym, and until recently that was at 250-260 lbs. The current ones are at about 2 years and still have plenty of life, and I wore the pair before that for a year overseas and am still wearing them as getting around shoes. They cost around 120, but hold up very well.
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