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Rudy Vey Custom Shaving Brushes and Restorations

So, you want a new shaving brush but cannot decide which one? You like a certain handle style, but it is not offered in the hair quality, size, or loft you like.
For any custom work contact me and we can discuss your needs. My goal is to fulfill the needs and wishes of my customers. I have made brushes from woods, resins, acrylics, antler, horn and even pre-ban ivory. Some of my work included removing boar knots from simple, light plastic handles and set them into new handles turned from custom cast butterscotch resin or faux ivory.
Restoration work is also a specialty of mine. I have revived 30+ year old brushes with high sentimental value, into like-new ones that will see another 30 years of usage.

Here is how I work: After my customer has decided on shape and material of handle and size, quality and loft of the hair knot, I make the handle and set the knot loosely in. Then I take a picture and send it to the customer for approval. If it is approved, my customer pays me and I glue the knot in and pack and ship the brush to him - the customer knows exactly what he is getting!

So, if you are in need for a new brush, want an antique store find restored or need an old brush re-knotted, please contact me: send me a pm or e-mail me to: [email protected]

Here are a few examples of my work:
The first is a badger brush in the shape of the Beehive with a Silvertip grade A knot.

The second brush is made with a custom cast resin handle, the color was the choice of my customer, showing a two-band finest Badger hair knot.

The next picture shows two brushes, the left is made from resin stabilized Boxelderburl wood and the small one, a travel brush, in black Buffalo horn; both are shown with two-band finest knots. The left one a bulb shape, and the travel brush a fan shaped knot.

Then there are two re-handled Omega 10066 knots, handle shapes are similar to the Duke and Emillion.
Guys, here's an unsolicited endorsement for Rudy and his work. As a B&B newbie, I had Rudy do a restore of a 30+ year old Kent brush given to me by my parents. His work was fantastic and he was an absolute joy to work with. If you're considering having a custom brush made or a restore, Rudy is THE MAN!
Another unsolicited endorsement here! I have two brushes from Rudy and love them both. The first I bought was an 18mm finest with an Irish Bog Oak handle. Number two is a 20mm grade A silver tip with an acrylic handle. Both perform great and Rudy was a pleasure to deal with. Can't recommend him highly enough!
Rudy's work displayed on B&B has ALMOST made me buy a non vintage brush !!!! :biggrin1:

Fine work from a fine artisan :thumbup1:
Here are a few more brushes I made lately.
The first two pictures show a brush made from a large piece of Sambar Stag antler. The customer wanted to keep the full structure and feel of this beautiful material, so I just turned over the top and bottom. It polishes well to a glass like shine in the turned and sanded areas on top and bottom. Since these large antlers have a soft core, I put a "plug" in the bottom, the plug is turned from black Buffalo horn. For comparison reason, I put my personal Sambar stag antler brush here and this one shows a bit more of the material, as I have turned the top a bit down. The knot in the first brush is a 26 mm, the one in my brush is a 19 mm custom Shavemac.

The last picture shows a number of boar brushes with Omega and UK boar knots. Handle designed loaned from the VDH brush. Handles made from custom cast resin.


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Another unsolicited reply. I have two RV brushes, and will likely be going back for more. Rudy does what he says; produces a brush of outstanding quality, in close consultation with the customer for a very reasonable price.

A quick shot of my two RV brushes: a beehive and tulip. The handles are beautifully turned. As a woodworker and a technician of sorts, I have a solid eye to detail, and the handles and set of the knot in these brushes is second to none.

The grade A silver tip knot he has been able to acquire has resulted in beautiful brushes for me.

Support the independent craftsman! If you're considering a new brush and you want something specific, I would strongly suggest a RV brush. Once you do get one, you'll see why.

I was asked many times in the past months if I somehow mark my brushes. Looking into several options, I thought that laser engraving would be the way to go. On my pens I use this technique for quite some time, but the problem was that my old engraver resides in Michigan and turnaround would be very slow. We finally found a local guy here only five miles away and he does great work as well. We designed the logo together, and the samples we have gotten on resin and wooden brushes look very good.
Here is the logo:
That fantastically, wonderful, beautiful, Sambar Stag brush Rudy pictured is mine!!! Guess that pretty much tells you how much I like it. I really enjoy Sambar Stag pistol and revolver grips and have several knives handled in it. As Sambar Stag can no longer be imported, I didn't think I could get a brush using it. Rudy found a beautiful piece of stag and you can see the result. Thanks Rudy!!!
Love the brushes. Don't like the logo at all.

Maybe you could just use the RV part? And perhaps make it so the V doesn't dip so low?

On the other hand, without seeing it actually on the brush I may be speaking too soon. Can you post a picture of a brush handle with the logo on it?
This is completely random, but I saw your current logo and had an idea for an alternative:


Nicely done, Drac!

Rudy, not that my opinion has any more weight than some random consumer, but I think Drac's is a good bit nicer than the one posted above (it looks more professional).
Nicely done, Drac!

Rudy, not that my opinion has any more weight than some random consumer, but I think Drac's is a good bit nicer than the one posted above (it looks more professional).

Thanks for the feedback :thumbup:

Polished up the original image a little:

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