review of aramis Devin anyone?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Frederic, May 11, 2019.

    can anyone review aramis devin please? thanks.
  1. It's got an outdoors scent to it if that makes sense! I get a few citrus notes to start with but the overall impression is pine, herbal and some floral notes with some spice. It does end up having a slight leather and mossy smell but you can still make out the pine and other notes.

    It's probably a polarising scent.
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    I would have thought that Devin was the Aramis answer to Polo Green, but it looks like the former came out before the later. Some reviews also disagree that the scents are similar. It has been a while since I smelled Devin, but I remember really liking it. I am sure the current version is not as good as the original, but that is true of almost every scent, especially the Aramis line. There are a number of online reviews that compare it to Yatagan, which seems off to me and would make it likely polarizing. Also references to Halston Z-14, which I would not have thought either.

    Going by memory i would say a green resinous scent over leather and other masculine notes, with Aramis house notes in there. Some jasmine, which I always like.

    I am guessing it is easy to get a sniff of it at lots of department stores. I do not recommend buying any scent blind. I like this house.
  3. I bought Devin in 1979 and until recently had two vintage bottles. A green classic. Beautiful men's frag.
  4. I started using Devin in or around 1987 and it was my go-to, everyday scent for years. The new stuff smells ok but not like the older stuff.

    Funny thing is, I named my son Devin! Lol

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