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Tatara Honour Soap

Has anyone tried this new-ish veggie soap? Sharpologist reviewed it quite favorably, but the info there was generic.

I asked the question in the Tatara Samurai thread but got no replies.
I have tried Tatara Honour, and like it very much. The scent and performance puts me in mind of Ethos Greenfresh, but not as bright and lively. Honour's scent is sublime and sophisticated. It smells "green and clean" with a hint of Japanese mochi candy.

It is very soft, lathers easily, and takes a good amount of water. Even when well hydrated, the lather is not runny at all, holding its structure in the bowl through face and head shave. I feel the lather provides good protection and very nice glide/slickness.

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To me the scent is very strong and it’s kind of a citrus, woody oriental cologne scent (not sure that’s much like what the Tatara description says, but it’s what I get - anyway it’s strong and cologne-like). Not really to my taste, but if it’s your bag then cool.
Here’s my post from a passaround we did over at DFS:

Ok, I received this little gem of a soap last week and have since used it twice. Upon opening the package, my first thought was, “Huh - seems small”. At 3.4oz, it is a bit smaller than your average 5oz tub of soap. However, as I quickly discovered, this isn’t your average soap.

First, it smells GREAT. Tatara did an excellent job here. It’s a light, clean scent that, to my nose, reminds me a bit of jasmine tea, but has a definite vetiver component. Often times these types of scents disappear quickly, but I found that Honour hangs around for a while, but is the opposite of overpowering. Really a nice smell. If they made an aftershave splash, or even an EDT, I would probably buy it.

Second, I found performance to be top-tier. As a daily, almost exclusive straight razor user, I actively seek out high-performance soaps with as much cushion and slickness as I can find. Tatara’s Honour excels here too. Fortunately (thinking back to the smallish size), it doesn’t take much of a scoop to whip up an excellent lather. The soap itself is rather soft, and seems to be made for scooping. I used less than the typical almond-sized dollop and produced more than enough lather for three passes.

The post-shave feel is really nice. I followed up with some Thayers, vitamin C serum, and some Zingari Man unscented post-shave balm. The end result was fantastic. BBS, and that wonderful scent hung around for 3 or 4 hours. Top-tier performance from my perspective.

In short - Tatara Honour lives up to the hype and I plan to purchase my own. Many thanks to DanLaw for the passaround. On to the next person!
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