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Repairing GEM Micromatic Razor

Is there a way to fix a GEM Micromatic razor, where the two tabs that are on the inside of the blade door (the tabs that fit in the slots on each side of the SE blade) are no longer fixed in place as they should be? * - (The tabs move / flex - which allows the blade door to slide too far forward.)

I have three GEM Micromatic razors: A GEM "Clog-Pruf" razor that has both tabs firmly fixed in place (as they should be); a GEM "Open Comb" razor that has one tab that is fixed in place (as it should be), and one tab that is no longer fixed firmly in place - it moves / flexes; and a GEM "Bullet Tip" / "Flying Wing" razor, where both tabs move / flex (and as a result, the blade door slides too far forward -- nice razor otherwise).
Solder, but the plating needs to be scratched away at the point of repair. Get a tube of low temp solder paste and put a small amount at the joint, a heat gun or pencil torch will do the deed.
The Gem Bullet Tip is the least expensive (generally) of the Micromatic line.

I would invest $15 or $20 and buy a "new" one, unless you want to repair this razor for a special reason.
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