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Razor Question

I just purchased a Gillette razor on eBay for about $40. It was listed as an unused 1961 raozor, and it looked very nice in the picture. It was not identified by model, and I'd appreciate any insight or comments anyone on the board may be able to provide. I have attached a picture of the razor to this post.

Thank you.

Ed Haskell
Ed, welcome to the forum and congrats on purchasing one nice razor !! It's a Gillette adjustable sometimes called a "fatboy" or "heavy duty". In my opinion, the best shaver of all the Gillettes!

You can research the Gillettes here.

Let us know how you like it when you give it a spin!!!
Welcome to B&B, Ed. That is a very nice looking razor that should provide you with many great shaves.
You can't go wrong with a Fatboy and that looks like a nice example. A fatboy unlike some other DE razors has enough weight in the handle so it isn't head heavy, IMHO they are very well balanced. Enjoy.


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Good morning, Mrs. Cleaver.

The Gillette 1-9 adjustable fat boy is as classic as they come. Not my favorite, but a good, sound razor that will in all likelihood outlive you. Stay with the lighter settings. You may find that you get a better shave with it set from 2 to 4, particularly if you do multiple passes.

As for the year of origin, a 1961 will have a "G" stamped on it, as well as the number 1 through 4, representing the quarter of manufacture.

Welcome aboard!
I got one in mint condition, box, directions, extra original blades. Been wanting to ask about it. It has a 2 but no G. Now I know a lot more about mine. Ditto on the nice shave.


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The "2" would be on the right side. If you look at the same area on the left side, there should be a letter- E for '59, F for '60, etc.
Nice razor, but I find it a bit head-heavy.
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