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Rarest Simpson of all?

This might be the rarest Simpson Shaving Brush of all time? I picked this up many many years ago and it has been sitting stored since then. I've never used it and just take it out every once in a while for my viewing pleasure. It doesn't appear that it's ever been used. I've only ever seen 1 other in all the years I've been collecting. I've often wondered at how large of a run of these they made and what they cost originally. It's a super neat brush that I just had to share. If you know anything about the background of this one I'd love to hear. Enjoy!


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This and the Sampson are quite rare , I’m sure there were some bespoke one off pieces done but a duplicate or small production run this has to be one of the rarer brushes I have ever seen. That’s a beauty!
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That is one very interesting brush. Never seen one before. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Super cool! And it's personal history, that you bought it and kept it all these years, makes it even more special.

It's a Simpson Pineapple, or so I remember it being dubbed years ago.

If you Google it, there is some info on some external sites.

It has appeared here too:
Post in thread 'Post your Butterscotch Eye Candy Here!' Post your Butterscotch Eye Candy Here! - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/post-your-butterscotch-eye-candy-here.107482/post-7386904
Thanks for the link, now the second one that I've seen.

I could never bring myself to use this one. It appeared new in box when I bought it and so I just put it away more so to preserve the value as I knew it was rare even all those years ago.
Not the rarest, but that's not to discredit it either. It's a beautiful brush, and not one that is seen often. 1 off Simpson brushes are going to be the rarest. The Balmoral that was a 1 off for charity, but it's kind of plain. A special handle shape, and more of a display brush, but just plain handle material. I can think of that off the top of my head. You will see Ivory Simpsons floating around. Those would be rare. I had an ivory brush Rudy made from an old ivory billiard ball and I can see why people used ivory. Horn is nice to look at and not bad handling it, but for me ivory was just in a whole other league. The feel of the material, the heft without being too bad, the look of the material. All of it just combines for such a satisfying material. It's sad that elephants have been hunted to near extinction because of it, though.

Having spoken of the Balmoral, I am not the one to have purchased that brush, but oddly enough I managed to acquire a brush shaped like the Balmoral, and have seen one photo from somewhere showing it to be labeled a Samson. Mine isn't. Only the second photograph is mine. 3rd one is ben74's photo.

There's lots of wonderful old brushes out there. I would probably say Simpson are the most interesting to me due to the model numbers, but Kent comes next. There are some other brands that Simpson bought out while it was under original family ownership, and I don't think I've ever seen any of those. Technically you can say they are Simpsons as Simpson owned them, so they may be the rarest of all. I tried finding the info but couldn't find it atm. I remember Gary Young saying that they made many models for the British Industrial Fair just to show what they could do that never saw it made into regular production, not to mention whatever they made that didn't make it out of prototyping.


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I just wonder if this was a short run made to order or was it actually a production brush? If production very few seemed to have survived or at least I haven't seen them and I've been collecting for almost 30 years. I have seen a few Simpson Ivory handles over the years and tried to buy one about 5 years ago but the regulations were so stringent that I wasn't comfortable in knowing if buying it would be legal.
Hi Dad3*3

I also own one of these Simpson Pineapple brushes and like you, I cherish it.

I bought my brush in a horrid state, the brushes knot was totally missing.

My brush was sent away to Mark at Simpson's for a refit. I asked Mark if he could refit one of their Manchurian knots.

It came back looking like a new brush again, I think Simpsons did a wonderful job.

I was also recently lucky enough to see a copy of an old Simpson brush catalogue from 1968 that was shared by another forum member, and the Pineapple brush was listed in that. It was listed as "The Golf Ball", so I do believe these brushes were ready available to purchase.



They did a great job on the reknot. I was curious about the date of this brush, I've had mine for I think 20+ years. I could never bring myself to use it. I'm surprised that we don't see more of these since they were listed in their catalog. Thanks for sharing your brush.
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