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Hello, Fred here, an ex-lurker.
My question is I keep hearing about Charles and QED. How does one find where his site is? I have done searches and still cannot find it.
Any help will be appreciated!
Dr. Fred:
It is also in the *Shopping Links* on this site, along with some other really great sites. But I do like QED about the best. I got my first DE razor there. Great selection and shipped super fast!

Welcome. Warning...visit QED and you will spend $$$! Charles is great! His products are great! His customer service is great! His website sucks! Be prepared to spend some time navigating.

Welcome. Have a good time shopping. One thing in particular you should know about Charles' website is that a great deal of the good stuff he offers is all lumped together in one non-obvious place. When you first go to the website, look close to the bottom of the menu bar for "other great toiletry products offered by QED" and click on it. This is apparently where he has put all the products he has added since the website was originally built. Note, when I suggest doing this when you first go to the website, I have a reason. If you navigate about looking at other things first, I find that this link tends to dissappear from the menu.
I would add that in general it saves time to email Charles rather than searching the Website. He knows that his Website is hard to navigate (and, since it uses frames, you can't pass along the URL for a particular product), so he's very good at responding to email queries.

[email protected] is his email address.
You know, you guys are right! After talking to Charles, you want to buy his whole shop! I have never talked with anyone who was so concerned about selling you what you need, instead of want. Of course he'll sell you what you want too.:biggrin1:
Great guy and great service!!!!!!!

Thanks to all,

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