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Pure, Best, and Silvertip Pics

Joel has done a much better review of the differences between the three major badger hair grades in the past, but here are two more photos just for fun.

All three are similar knot sizes (20mm-23mm).

In order: Pure, Best, Silvertip


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Here is the shavemac version, left to right, pure ,finest, silvertip ,and of course the trumper brush is in super which means........

Could you give us a comparison/contrast of the ShaveMac 'Silvertip' and 'Finest' as related to the 'feel on the face', as well as any other differences or similarities you've noticed?

I currently have a ShaveMac Handmade 23mm Silvertip which is my current favorite, however I have been considering the purchase of a ShaveMac Handmade 21mm Finest. I just wanted to find someone who owned both and could comment on them. Thanks.
Ron, that is a good question. I just got a Finest, and when dry, the Silvertip feels a bit softer on the face, wet and full of soap, I can't tell if there is a difference at all. You have inspired me to use my new 23mm Finest and SMFII Silvertip side by side this morning. I'll post here what I find.

BTW: What is the difference between Finest and Super? Are they both different names for the same grade? I could have sworn a while back on this forum or SMF I read that the Shavemac Silvertips, among most other brands, are not real Silvertip grade at all...those would cost considerably more I guess. Was it the Shavemac is a "Super" grade with the tips bleached too look light? I coulda sworn I read that a while back...
The differences between the Shavemac "finest" and "silvertip" are subtle (but the price difference is not). The finest bristles are a bit stiffer, but still very soft on the face. I also find them to "hook" at the ends a lot compared to the silvertip. This does not affect their feel or performance; it is an aesthetic thing. I think the finest is great value in a brush.
I just tried both my Finest and Silvertip, and find you to be exactly right Scotto. Both were very soft, but the Silvertip was a bit floppy (not a bad thing, I still like it), and the Finest was both soft and firm, althoug not quite as decadent as the Silvertip. ;)


Finest and Silvertip compared

Pure, Finest, Silvertip
I agree with both Scotto's & Javyn's remarks. The finest-grade Shavemac hair feels a little coarser to me than the current silvertip, but it still has a soft touch on the face.

And to keep on track with John's thread, I can't think of "pure" badger hair without remembering Joel's review.
I agree that the Finest grade is a bargain at about twenty bucks less than the Silvertip, and that the differences are subtle. Now if you want a great little scrubber, you can go with the Pure grade for about forty bucks less than the Silvertip!
Cheers, DJ.
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