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Proraso Green Cream Tube - substitute ideas?


I'm a Lumberjack.
Valley-beauty has great prices on the entire Proraso line and ship international. I highly recommend the large sacks and large bottles for the best unit cost for the cream and aftershave.
Proraso should be available via Italian Barber or Maggards! Interesting that your skin tolerates the green one but doesn’t like the white.

Proraso Green discontinued?? That will never happen, Sir. It's the company's flagship product, not to mention the oldest and most loved! Not only, the latest Super Formula is the very best Proraso performance-wide ever made. Similar to Proraso Green? No, there isn't any for me. It's unique.
It would be a dark dark day indeed for wetshaving. I hope I never witness it!
If Proraso becomes discontinued it would be the only time I would expect riots hit the streets all over the world.
The one and only reliable product I can still buy at local brick-and-mortar stores in Canada.
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