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Polo (green) AS, any fans?


I like it! Have got a few bottles in gift sets, so just started using it.

Any other fans?
I hear you , in my nose it makes a good pair with Palmolive shave stick.
Awesome scent!
YES! I've been saying it pairs wonderfully with the Palmolive...almost like they share similar notes even..but SOO wish there was a Polo shave soap (or one of the artisans will pick the scent back up)

A proper Polo Green puck is stuff of dreams for me!
Stirling has made a clone called Stirling Green in the past. Good stuff.

Edit, looks like there is still some left: Stirling Green - Shave Soap/Aftershave Splash


I SWEAR I looked numerous times and they didn't have any?? Maybe a limited thing..odd that it seemed hidden in the AS section...I"ve sure looked, but not there!

Ordered TWO!! Woot! I love Stirling! Just wore a hole in my Coniferous..so perfect timing!!

Good lookin' out man..really appreciate the heads up!
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