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Pleats, The Definitive Poll


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Gents, I recall a poll on whether or not you wear pleated pants but cannot seem to find it. A Haberdashery should have a discussion about this fundamental choice, should it not?

I'll start by saying that I am not opposed if the are tastefully done. Although considered old fashioned by some, I tend to view pleated khaki as dressier than its flat fronted counterpart. Properly tailored, correctly worn and paired with a cuff, a single pleat can provide a nice clean drape.

What say you?
Deepends on the pant, but hell yeah, pleats are great. I wear simple blue jeans 99% of the time, but when I dress for an occasion, I like a pleated pant. I don't care if it's old fashioned, it looks damn good. I own one suit (that still fits me, lol), the one I got married in, and yer darn tootin' it had pleats:

Personally, I am into classic styles for my clothes. In fact, I've still got 8-10 year old suits in my rotation that still look great that I get complimented on all of the time. So, it should come to no surprise that I favor a tasteful, classic pleat in my slacks and nicer pants. I do have some flat front pants but they are worn only in casual settings...
I enjpy pleated pants. They give you more room in the area where you need it and lets the crease in the front of the leg drape better.

gone down south

Pleat fronts tend to make one look a little thicker through the middle compared to flat fronts.


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Henry, i agree with your application of pleats 100%

i do not have a single pair, and can't imagine wearing them on a day to day basis.
Here is the rule, as I understand it, for pleated dress pants:

Cuffs = pleats

No cuffs = no pleats.
To me, pleats should be worn for 1) their aesthetic qualities or 2) because they can create a slimming silhouette for someone of a more hefty build. I don't find anything inherently attractive about pleats, and the last thing I need is a trick of fabric to make me seem more slim, therefore I avoid them.

Flat fronts became the social norm during World War II, when using the extra fabric required to create pleats would seem gauche. We live under different circumstances, obviously, but I still agree with this mentality.
From a purely functional point of view, I prefer pleats in my pants over darts because they provide both fit and space to move, but dress pants without either just fit wrong... like jeans.
Single pleat in a suit.

Khakis flat fronted.

But then again I have 31 inch waist:biggrin:

On this side of the Atlantic there is a revival of 1980's fashion, and I fear multi pleated badly cut trousers will soon be appearing on a street near me.
Suits and slacks i always do pleats and cuffs. Khakis are generally plain fronts and I can go cuff or no cuff.
With suits, I tolerate pleats and cuffs altho I truly hate them

With khakis, flat front or I don't wear them. Pleats on khakis make me look too wide and shorter and they always look messy to me.
If a pleat make you look "bigger" around the middle then you are not wearing your pants incorrectly. Pleats only puff out if you wear them at your hips not at your waist.


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I am surprised to see pleats are leading by two votes. Surely, I thought, flat front would easily lead the poll.
I am surprised to see pleats are leading by two votes. Surely, I thought, flat front would easily lead the poll.
part of my issue with flat front pants is that my waste is a 34 but I need 36 pants because of my thighs and butt (my legs have always been built like a tree trunk from sports). My flat front pants don't flatter my build at all