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Please recommend me Bay Rum fragrances

I own eight bay rums, and have used most of them for at least a decade. I prefer the smoother, less clovey versions over the heavy clove-like Pinaud VIBR. My favorites are St. John's, Taylor on Bond Street, and Trumpers. They are rich, slightly boozy and mildly spiced. On the opposite side are the clove-heavy VIBR, Ogallala, and Gabel's. If I learned anything from my bay rum splurge of years ago, is the richer scented ones are more pleasing to me.
I have tried a lot of Bay Rums over the past few years. The ones that stayed:
Soaps: Barrister and Mann, Stirling, Mike's, Turtleship, Chiseled Face
Splashes: Barrister and Mann, Rooster's Nest, DR Harris
Here's the Bay Rums in my rotation.


Left to Right -
Bootleggers Original Bay Rum AS - Great daily performer! Very low cost for what you get, so you can afford to really bathe in it!
Bootleggers Lime Bay Rum AS - Ditto but with Lime.
Pinaud VIBR AS - This one is 1/3 of the Bootlegger's recipe, so I rarely wear this on it's own but I love the glass bottle.
AVON Bay Rum AS - Very pleasant and simple. Bordering on medicinal and doesn't last too long, but I still love it.
Ogallala Double Strength Bay Rum Cologne - BURNS! Very strong and long-lasting.
St John’s Bay Rum (Virgin Islands 4oz) - Phenomenal scent, very complex and almost creamy if that makes any sense.
St John’s Bay Rum (West Indies 8oz) - Slightly different scent profile than the VI version, but still incredible.
PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum AS - Really pleasant, and I definitely get that root beer note mentioned before.
Royall Bay Rhum 57 Eau de Toilette - This has that creamy and spicy feel, and the only one where I can note cinnamon.

Ogallala and Royall are the longest lasting


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Bay Rum is what got me into wet shaving. So glad to see so many folks making suggestions. Warms the ole' Bay Rum heart!
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