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Place Your B&B DVD Orders Here

*** Important: DVD orders have been suspended. If you send money, it will be refunded. If you're interested, keep an eye on the General forum, as any DVD announcements will be made there. ***

Alright Guys,

The DVD is finally available for purchase.

If you're a member, paypal $9 to: [email protected] and shoot me a Private Message with the email you used to send the money for proof of membership.

If you're not a member, paypal $11 to the same email address above.

If you don't wish to use Paypal, send Joel a Private Message, and he'll give you instructions for using a Money Order.

Regardless of membership status, please make sure to include your mailing address.

Your DVD will be shipped via USPS First Class mail on the following Tuesday (at the latest).

If there are any questions or comments, feel free to post them here, or to PM me or Joel.

We hope you guys enjoy the DVD,



The price has increased to $9 for members and $11 for non-members (1/18/06).

Any order placed will be shipped by the following Tuesday (at the latest).

Note to international buyers: If you're located internationally but your address has a US zip code (ie, a US military address overseas), please e-mail or Private Message me before making a payment.

All others wishing to buy from outside the U.S., PM or e-mail me letting me know what country you live in, and I can give you an updated price that includes Airmail to your international destination.
Howdy Guys,

Just an update: DVDs have been shipped for all orders placed up to 2 o'clock (PM PST) today. They've all been shipped via USPS First Class mail from the California Bay Area, so hopefully they'll arrive in a couple days give or take (a couple days).

All orders placed today between 2 pm and midnight will be mailed tomorrow.

Also, don't forget to shoot a PM my way with the email address you used for paypal to confirm membership and save a whole dollar. :wink:

Thanks much,

You're all first in my book. :wink:

I was getting a batch ready for shipping today, and I thought I'd post a pic of the DVD for y'all:


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I heard that the DVDs are actually made in China, and they aren't even hand made (don't get me started on the speculation of whether the DVDs are plugged or knotted)!


Howdy Guys,

Just thought I should let y'all know that with Christmas approaching, no new orders will be mailed until the 3rd of January. Orders placed yesterday will be filled. You're still free to place your order, it simply won't ship until the 3rd. :smile:

Happy holidays everybody,

Howdy Guys,

Just sent a batch out. We even had our first international orders, one's on its way to Japan, and one to the Netherlands.

Some upcoming changes you might want to be aware of:

Starting next Monday, the price will increase to $9 for members, and $11 for non-members.

Also, as of now, all orders placed will be filled the following Tuesday. They might be filled earlier depending on how many come in, and if I'm going by the post office anyway, but if you place an order on Wednesday, it might not ship until the following Tuesday.


Hi Guys,

All DVD orders that have been placed up to yesterday have been shipped.

Also, to make the price hike official, as of right now, DVDs are $9 for members, and $11 for non-members.

I ordered Nick's DVD and it's a well done and very helpful resource, especially if you're newly into shaving.

I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!!
billyjeff2 said:
I ordered Nick's DVD and it's a well done and very helpful resource, especially if you're newly into shaving.

I give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!!
Thanks for the review Bill! :thumbup:

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