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Pining for my shaveden

It's all very nice being here in the bosom of my family but Lord do I miss my shaveden.

I'd forgotten how cold the bathroom in my parental home is - it's on the north side of a house atop a small Welsh mountain, and there's no heating. So no relaxed morning shower and shave - I've been shaving almost fully clothed and for the days around Christmas my Ingram's was damn near frozen in its tube.

Of course, the water being very soft should be a boon, but when you're used to water from the Hampshire Downs that seems to be 50% chalk, soft water lather seems overly frothy and insubstantial... I've cut my face to ribbons.

Three more days and it's back yo the comforts - heating and mirrors that don't immediately mist over if the room temperature exceeds 0C -of my personal shaveden. There's no place like home but I can't get anything like a decent shave there.
Interesting story. I have yet to shave outside my own home since I started wetshaving with a DE.

Have you considered taking a kettle full of hot water to the bathroom in your parent's house? Really heat things up before your shave. Could even float your cream in there to soften it up a bit . . .
I hate shaving away from home -- I was at my brother's in New Hampshire last week, and when I asked him for a bowl to use for shaving, he looked at me like I was nuts. Definitely nice to be back in the comfort of home, with all my supplies...
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