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Pinaud clubman Special reserve, your thoughts?

Yo, I'd like to hear your thoughts on pinaud special reserve. Might buy a bottle as the description sounds good but I'd like to get an idea of the following first as I have a budget.

How would you describe it's scent profile?
How strong is the scent?
How long does it last?

Does it have that weird skunky smell that other pinaud aftershaves are known for? Does it come in a larger bottle like the others? And does it have any particular post application feel like some other aftershaves do?

I've got pinaud clubman and virgin island bay rum, I like them both but standard clubman smells beautiful and lasts for absolutely ages on my skin, I can smell it 24 hours later! Bay rum doesn't last very long by comparison but gives a really excellent post shave feel which I can't get enough of.

Cheers :)
You like all of the other Pinaud products that you have, this will not disappoint you. Has the same staying power as the others. Leather/earthy is a good description. I have seen one state in a post a while back, that it has the smell of the eraser on a #2 pencil. As a user of this scent - yeah I understand that.

In terms of the "skunky" smell....you need to decant into a glass vessel The scent will mellow out.

Decanting helps all Pinaud AS's, with the exception of the Veg. The only thing that will help that - take the contents...empty into the toilet bowl....flush....flush again.:biggrin:


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I don't use SR as an aftershave so much as a cologne. Stuff goes on strong, but mellows nicely within an hour. It's a daytime frag, though, and probably wouldn't play well over dinner. For that, you need something lighter and more sophisticated.
I always say SR smells like what I envision people living in Pennsylvania or West Virginia who worked in the coal mines in the 60s, put on when they went to church on Sunday.

Very old school, very leathery and very strong. It will set you back when you first smell it but it will grow on you very fast.
My bottle arrived!

First impressions on a hand test are good. Smells very strong which I like as aftershaves these days tend to be so short lived and weak. The scent profile is way more powdery and floral/polleny than I imagined, almost like a stronger yet more mellow tabac with a less sour and more spicy after notes. Can't tell properly until it's been applied on the face though.

Got a brand new fatip slant, some tabac soap (seemed fitting) and the special reserve lined up for today's shave. :)
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