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PIF - Polsilver SI

I have 9 unopened five blade tucks and 3 additional sealed blades for a total of 48 PPI Polsilver SI blades. I know they have a cult like following and are becoming unobtanium to many. Personally, they are my least favorite of the 6 different PPI branded blades I have used.

They should be enjoyed by someone that can better appreciate them. This PIF is open to all who have been members since January 1st, CONUS only.

The PIF will end based on the number of responses I receive by Tuesday evening August 24 or earlier and I will mail the blades by Wednesday.

Just say you are in and whether you want the 9 unopened tucks or the 9 tucks plus the additional 3 blades. Please refrain if you already have more than 200 of these blades stockpiled.
Awesome and generous PIF, Steve.

I was going to throw my hat in the ring, but just realized I am not eligible, since I joined in March.

Received a few tucks of Polsilvers in a sampler pack when I first started wetshaving and didn't realize how hard they had become to source until after using them up. Great blades... right up there with GSBs and Astras for me.

Good luck!
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