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Self Ignored by Vista
Had some nice clouds going through the San Bois mountains in S.E. Oklahoma today. I had a better shot of a round top mountain instead of the ridge line one but I thought...nawww...I'll get another one down the road.

I'll stop at the round top next time I'm through there.

DSC_0009 (2).JPG
thx, warren, it's a nice camera, results are very good. i had an earlier version of this a few years ago for a summer trip and it was perfect. i didn't want to lug the nikon but wanted to have something with good low light performance and reach of an 18-300 lens. so that sony pretty much filled the bill. after the summer, i ebayed it and recovered most of original cost.

this current version further improves the focus system, expanding the number of focus points. again, i'll use it for the summer then probably sell it. biggest downside, is simply having to navigate through sony's arcane (to me) settings and menus.
Thanks for the info, very helpful. I like the idea of having a really good "grab and go" camera, I was thinking of getting the Nikon 28-300mm so I could use that on the D800 as a grab and go set up, still missing the longer end for wildlife though, interesting option with that Sony as it covers it all it seems, I might have a play with one if I can find one in store somewhere.
Nice shots gents :001_smile

The only solid connection between Denmark and Sweden; The Øresund Bridge.
Copenhagen airport is not far from it, so I managed to get this shot including a plane and a ship.

Haven't been around for a while. Have been busy with work and some major lifestyle changes. This is a street shot taken in Kanazawa a couple of weeks ago. 41815339544_4fc45b1f13_b.jpg
Lots of great stuff up there!
Great to see you posting again Ninja!
Really love the colors on both Cashes shot and Ninja's first shot!
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