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Monthly Photo Contest for April: Spring

Although @amateur came up with an excellent theme there were no takers for the February/March photo challenge. Rather than concentrate on all four seasons, let's see if we can come up with some Spring-themed photos. It's been done before but hopefully many of you will find some signs of spring where you live in April.

Entries may be submitted from now until April 20. We'll then have five days to vote. The winner should post a theme for May by May 1, or earlier. Although we prefer new work you may submit something from you archives. Folks in the Southern Hemisphere may post autumn photos if you like.

Let's see what you have!
Morning Walk
I don't think anyone wants to see a picture of a bunch of used tissue papers after I clear my allergen-infused sinuses.

Sadly...that has been my Spring.

Just kidding. The sun peaked out a bit this morning, where I'm staying at an AirBnB in Jackson County, Kentucky.
A local walk for me today, me and the Bedlington Terrier boys Oscar & Boris father & son, Morlais limestone quarry, it's left a scar on the landscape a memory of when my hometown was the largest steel and iron-producing capital of the world, at the heart of the Industrial revolution, some say it was the heart of the Industrial revolution.





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