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Personna lab blue blades

I want to buy 100 Personna Lab Blue blades. I hear lots of raves about this blade and I want to try them. I am looking around Amazon and I see there are at least half a dozen different kinds of Personna blades...not of which are labeled "lab blue". Can someone post a picture of the right Personna Lab Blue blades that can be purchased on Amazon. Thanks.
I think I just opened a can of worms.
Hand me that can-opener 😁

The true Lab Blue blades are made in the USA.
Here they are on Amazon:

View attachment 1600258

Agreed, lab blues are made in the USA. However if that seller sends you the blue/black box as pictured above, they are not lab blues and are Made in Germany. The blades are wrapped in blue and printed as Personna Platinum Chrome.



Which makes me wonder if they are the same as the ones below but perhaps just different packaging for 100 blades.
Personna changes packaging (box and blade wrap) all the time so packaging isn’t always a reliable clue. The surefire way to know is if they’re made in the USA. No other blade is made here so that is the best way to find the Lab Blue. Or you can order them through us (shameless plug, sorry).
These are my current shaving champions, 124 shaves on the last one, and at least that much on the Israeli Red I'm currently using.

Only thing to note is that these are SHARP, and the IP Reds in my batch seem to be slightly wider than standard, you may need a mild razor or to dial down an adjustable to avoid peeling your face.

They stay sharp forever, too, great blades once I tamed them.

I'd buy more but my estate will be loaded with razor blades as it is, no point in getting any more. At the rate I use them I will be deal long, long before I use up my three favorites!
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