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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Twelvefret, May 16, 2019.

    So, been using two Bakelite (vintage design) DE for the beach this week with wonderful results.

    Soap the a gifted Arko stick and a 1305 Semogue

    Anyway, excellent, near perfect results and no concern about salt air with razors
  1. I've got a small Bakelite DE (vintage) -- and I do like my Arko stick. I need to try and locate that DE. This week (except for Micromatic Monday) has been daily shaves with my Schick Krona. I like it, it's a good razor. It feels ultra-mild relative to the Lather Catchers, GEMs and other SE razors; but it consistently got the job done in 3 passes and a super-light touch-up.
  2. Love the Krona.
  3. I was reading your posts about it from last year and figured that out :lol1: -- as usual, we are on the same page, I am a fan as well. Picked it up a while back, and really glad I did!
  4. Perfect and glad you like .!!
  5. I will say that the Bakelite slants deliver and should be In everyone’s shave den or collection. At $19, they are the best kept secret
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  7. No, those copies of vintage Bakelite razors PAA produced.
  8. Awesome travel set up. I took my straights with me at first but now I take a de a shave stick and a small badger brush.
  9. GREAT!! :a29::a29:

    Sometimes, ‘Less is more!’ (Less weight, less muss and fuss, fewer options, etc.)
  10. Buddy a plastic razor really noooooo....

    When I saw your post the first thing that came to mind was your feather shavette lol.

    I'm actually surprised your using a DE :)

    Happy shaves and holidays,

  11. These are vintage reproductions of almost impossible to find razors.

    So, I have a great selection of vintage DE and SE razors that I use routinely on the Daily Double.
  12. Ah I see, makes more sense now.



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