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Palmolive Lather Shave Cream discontinued

After reading rumours of Palmolive lather shave cream no longer being made, I contacted Colgate-Palmolive through their web site to find out the truth of the matter. Here's the official response:

Colgate-Palmolive Consumer Affairs said:
Dear Mr.Benn

Thank you for your recent inquiry about PALMOLIVE Lather Shave Cream.
We appreciate your interest in our company and are pleased to have the
opportunity to respond.

We are sorry to tell you that this product will not be available after
February 2007. Unfortunately, we do not have any remaining stock to
offer you directly. Even though we cannot help you at this time, it is
important for us to hear from consumers, such as you, so that we are
aware of your continued interest. We will be sure to share your
comments with our Business Development Group.

We have an extensive sales force who work to sell all our products into
as many stores and geographic areas as possible. However, some of our
products that are in the process of being discontinued are in limited
distribution. This means that products may only be sold in specific
geographic areas or only in selected sizes or variants.

Colgate-Palmolive has formed a partnership with an on-line retailer
where this product is available. The website is WWW.TEEBOP.COM. You
must have a credit card as method of payment. You can order either via
the Internet or by phone (1-800-667-4860). The hours of operation are:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM through 8:00 PM EST

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We hope this
information is helpful.


Consumer Affairs Representative
Consumer Affairs Department
So, it would seem that another classic wetshaving product has bitten the dust. I'm not sure whether it means the Euro version will also be discontinued, but it certainly does not bode well. :frown:
What a bummer. A great product offered at a good price. I guess they haven't heard about the revival of wet shaving. I'm sure they felt this was a niche product and the sales generated probably weren't worth the effort.

Like Mr Benn says - another one bites the dust. Guess I better stock up.

Thanks for the info Mr Benn.
My question is answered before I asked it. Just got the last 2 tubes at a CVS. 25 percent off cleanace sale. They will last awhile as I puchase more different products.

Bad news indeed. Palmolive is a favorite of mine. I use it as-is and also mixed with various soaps/creams. Definitely going to hit every CVS is my area today.
That's a real shame. Palmolive lather is a classic product and its demise marks the end of an era.
I hope someone will distribute the European cream at reasonable prices in the USA.
Sad news, indeed!
yes, it really does suck. I always enjoyed the US Palmolive cream, and although I prefer the European version, I always had to have a tube or 2 of the US kind as well.

I remember when the Noxzema lather cream was discontinued around 15 years ago. I felt so lousy, because I used it for so many years, and I really enjoyed each and every shave with it. My dad uses Palmolive cream also, and he was telling me a year ago that this one too might soon be discontinued, and I didn't believe it at first. It looks like a case of father knows best.

I picked up the last two tubes of Red Palmolive from my local CVS yesterday. Although there was no bin tag indicating clearance, it rang up at $2.24USD per tube. I hate to see it go. I put a few drops of Clubman Special Reserve in with the lather last night and it really helped to mask the soapy scent. The performance was very good - slick and great lather.
I ran by my local CVS last night and picked up all they had, but it was only two tubes.

If I find more at other stores, how long will it last before it dries out?

I went by a CVS near me and found some on clearance. They were 2.24 a tube. They had 4 red and 4 green tubes. I got two red tubes for the heck of it. If anyone is interested in buying/trading some let me know. There are 3 CVS stores within 15 minutes of where I live.