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Oysters -what and where?

I love 'em raw, on the half shell. But, I'm not very versed in the subtleties of flavor based on geography. (Perhaps it's a mental thing, but I'd like to stat away from those coming from shallow -ahem heavily polluted- areas like the Gulf and near Long Island.) Any recommendations for a CONUS chap?
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If Miyagi Oyster are on the menu - I go for those. They are from the Puget Sound area and are a very crisp and delicate flavor. Even on menu's on the East Coast, these consistently deliver.
Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay are in full swing right now. The season startrd Dec 1st and will continue until March. My dad says they are catching some really nice ones right now. The stringent tests of the seafood industry would never allow anything harmful land on your table. If I came across some Lousiana oyster i would eat them myself. But i understand your concern. But i'm from the Ches Bay and i love there oysters!!
Gulf oysters are probably the most flavorful. I tried some others when the Gulf ones wernen't available and they just aren't sa good. They wern't bad but Just didn't have that flavor. And no it wasn't petroleum either.:lol:
I've had a terrible craving for oysters for a while now and there's an oyster bar down the street that I haven't been to yet. After the holidays, I think I'll grab Mrs. Nid Hog and head over there to see what their offerings are like. What do you guys like to drink with oysters?
I grew up in Blue Point N.Y. and still eat the local oysters farmed off of Sayville. I eat them raw all the time, and I have not had any ill effects yet. However if you can obtain them, the Oysters from Washington State (there are many varieties) are outstanding.
Glad you picked a subject that is near and dear to my oyster loving heart! First off, before you go spending the big bucks to feed an almost guaranteed OED (Oyster Eating Disorder), please allow me to recommend an extremely well written book on the subject of eating oysters. I use the word "eating" to distinguish it from other dry/arcane/academic/(in other words useless) books of the same ilk. The book is: "A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur's Guide to Oyster Eating in North America" (amazon reference: http://www.amazon.com/Geography-Oys...548X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1294165421&sr=8-2 ).
One warning: certain types of oysters have "evolved" from what they were (for example there are wild belons from Maine, and the wondrous Kumamoto seems to have changed its shape over the last 30 years. Once you are read-up, come to Boston. There is a new and totally awesome restaurant called the Island Creek Oyster Bar here - and you can sample/eat/gorge on oysters from (almost) everywhere. My favorites so far are: Olympias, Belons, Rocky Nooks and Totten Virginicas ....oh ..and Hama-Hamas and Moon Shoals .... and.... oh well I can't have them all!
ICOB's menu is at: http://boston.menupages.com/restaurants/island-creek-oyster-bar/menu

bon appetit
I have had Malpeque oysters in Malpeque (Prince Edward Island, Canada) - they're delicious! Don't know how easy/difficult it is to get them in the states.

I don't know what kind, but some of the best ones I've had were in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale areas of Florida.
Quelcines (sp) from the ore/wash coast,back in the day was an oyster bar in portland down by the river, would sit there all day and gorge them by the bucket.
I have to go with Stump Sound (NC) oysters. They have a slightly salty flavor that is great steamed. Now and then I'll throw some on my BGE with a touch of apple wood and heat them till they just crack open. As for what to drink ... Maker's Mark.
I just can't get into oysters - raw or otherwise.

Aren't they just little bags of poop?

The last time I ate some was about 15 years ago at a Hooters and the waitresses were hand feeding me! Now, those particular oysters were not so bad. :thumbup:
I usually go for the sampler. Tends to contain the usual Blue Points, Malpeques, etc. There is a nice place in NYC called Lure Fishbar (in SOHO) that does right by them.

If sex was a food, it would be oysters!
Love my Syndey Rock Oysters with a Little creatures Pale Ale to wash them down!!! Im drooling just thinking about it!
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